Summer Hikes have you Itching for Relief from Poison Ivy?

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I love being out on the trails – and sometimes off of them – as much as possible during the warm months. Admittedly, there are times when my eyes are looking right past the poison ivy while my hands are reaching for a flower. Ugh, I am itching now just thinking about the last time I did this. Not fun.

What is incredible is that there is now Tecnu Extreme Medicated Poison Ivy Scrub – the first all-in-one product that can be used before a rash starts, or after the rash has begun. Plus, it also stops the itching.

A poison ivy rash is created when a resin-like substance from the plants gets on a person’s skin. That substance, if not removed, will create a rash in nearly everyone within about eight hours. Some people take a day or two to break out with the rash; it takes me about 2-3 hours. Check out the complete Poison Ivy Information here.

Tecnu Extreme removes the rash causing substance called urushiol (pronounced: oo-roo-she-all) from the skin. All you need to do to use Tecnu Extreme is wet your skin and apply a generous amount to the entire body—focusing on exposed skin first (hands, arms, face and legs). 

When using Tecnu Extreme before a rash breaks out it should be applied within eight hours after exposure to the plants, but the sooner the better. Follow the directions on the package, but it really is just as simple as applying it and some water to your skin.

If you are venturing outside this summer and fall, please grab a tube and add it to your pack. It’s a homeopathic treatment that is safe to use, and effective on rashes and itching. Your family or hiking partner will thank you when you save them from days of itching and scratching. Tecnu Extreme is available at all major drug store chains including Walmart, Walgreens, Rite Aid, CVS, and Target.

Let’s hear your feedback and experiences with Poison Ivy. Share your comment and story for a chance to win gifts cards. Two $100 gift cards and one $300 gift cards to Target will be given away! To enter, just leave a comment talking about a time you had poison ivy or talk about what Tec Labs Inc. products you like using !

Do you have any outdoor adventures coming up? Share your plans – I need new trails to dust up!

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