Super Sandwich Spread for Supper with Nature’s Harvest

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Thank you to Nature’s Harvest® for sponsoring today’s post and our supper. All opinions are my own!

With such a busy schedule this time of year, we sometimes find ourselves in a bit of a time crunch at mealtimes. While the temptation to eat out for the sake of convenience can be a strong one, I know that there isn’t much healthy going on in most drive-thru windows around our house. So, a quick and easy solution for us has been awesome sandwiches from Nature’s Harvest. With at least 8 grams of whole grain in every serving it’s a choice I can feel great about serving, and since Walmart has so many varieties of Nature’s Harvest on rollback for only $1.97 each, our budget loves it almost as much as our taste buds.


Our sandwich selections were so delicious! It took almost no time at all to whip up a sandwich platter that everyone enjoyed. Since each bread choice was full of at least 8 grams of whole grain in every serving I didn’t even have to enforce healthy eating. We had roast beef & cheddar on Whole Grain White, turkey with tomato, lettuce, and provolone on Whole Grain Wheat, and even tuna salad on Honey Wheat. Not that we are typically shy about mealtimes, but no one needed any additional encouragement to dive into the spread of sandwiches.


What was so great was having such a variety of flavors with so little effort and planning. It was really simple to give everyone a choice of flavors and the variety was definitely a hit. While some sandwiches may be dull, incorporating the variety from Nature’s Harvest certainly elevated our experience to something way better than sandwich time has ever been. I paired the platter with a couple of simple sides, and the meal was ready to enjoy! A great thing was knowing there are no artificial flavors, colors or high-fructose corn syrup in any of the Nature’s Harvest breads, and all of them give you at least 8 grams of whole grains in each serving. This really is the easy choice for whole grains!



Nature’s Harvest knows that getting the family to buy-in to eating healthy can be a challenge, so they even sponsored a sandwich art contest to encourage people to change up the way they present sandwiches and really stretch their creative muscles. While the contest has ended, the spirit of the challenge survives! Incorporate an easy way to introduce 8 grams of whole grains into your family’s diet, and do it in a fun way!

According to a recent nationwide survey conducted on behalf of Nature’s Harvest bread, nearly 75 percent of moms have employed creative methods, such as styling food into fun shapes, to get their children (and probably spouses) to eat more nutritiously. Whole Grains are so good for you, which explains why moms everywhere are adding them to their family meal plans! The NPG Group’s 29th Annual Report on Eating Patterns in America in 2014 shows just how seriously moms everywhere are taking the inclusion of whole grains. More than half of American consumers eat whole grains at least every two weeks, and 56% of American consumers are already trying to add whole grains into their diet! Is there an easier way to get your whole grains?


Given that a recent survey of moms with children ages four to 13, found that nearly half of moms are concerned about their children’s nutrition and that 52 percent consider whole grains one of the most important nutritional considerations when purchasing food at the grocery store it is no wonder that Nature’s Harvest has so many varieties to help you get your family the benefits of their 8 grams of whole grains in each serving.

Nature’s Harvest will even reward your opinions about whole grains with a Walmart gift card if you will spend just a few minutes online here to take a quick survey. The first 100 people who fully complete the survey (U.S. citizens only, must be 18 years or older to participate) will receive a $5.00 gift card to use at Walmart! You can use the gift card how ever you would like, but don’t forget to check out the selection of Nature’s Harvest breads is the easy choice for whole grains and on rollback for $1.97 while you’re shopping at Walmart!



  1. Rosie says

    These Nature Harvest breads sound really good. And does that sandwich platter look delish! I want to try!

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