Wake Up Your Water with Dasani Drops

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Today’s post is sponsored by Dasani Drops. The product samples were furnished to facilitate the experience, but the review is completely my opinion.

It seems like every morning I start my day 20 minutes behind schedule before I even get out the door. Whether I am trying to get a blog post finished or helping my teen get all of her volleyball stuff into her gym bag, there is never enough time to get everything together. So, finding something that fits in my purse AND makes my hectic day a little tastier is a definite Mom-win for me!

Being on the go means I don’t always get to choose among the healthiest food options for a quick lunch, and as much as I know water is good for me I sometimes really crave more taste than unflavored water provides. So even when I am stuck in a drive thru (again) I often end up with tap water in a paper cup – and unflavored tap water is not what I would call a treat!

Now that I have Dasani Drops, I can create my own flavors whenever the mood strikes me! I can add a burst of flavor to my zero-calorie water and I instantly have something that is super flavorful with no mess and virtually no effort. Plus, each bottle is only 1.9 fluid ounces so it takes up no space in my purse and still provides 32 servings per bottle. If you have a little extra room in your bag or your desk drawer, throw in a few different flavors and you can combine them to create your own custom flavors!

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Dasani Drops are available in Strawberry Kiwi, Pink Lemonade, Mixed Berry, Grape, Pineapple Coconut, and Cherry Pomegranate. Not only can you mix flavors to add to your Dasani Water, you can also add the drops to your favorite adult beverages to liven up your drink. Because there are zero calories in the Dasani Drops, you won’t be adding extra caloric content to any beverage you flavor this way. Saving the calories in flavoring means you can cut your calorie count every time that you enjoy the drops!

I really like that the flavors are so delicious and the same quality that you are used to getting from Dasani. I don’t worry about any chemical-taste or that the experience will be anything other than absolutely refreshing. Each flavor is rich and deep. You know exactly what you are tasting and you know that the flavor is going to last through the entire drink. It’s great to know that you aren’t going to have to continually add more drops to keep your beverage tasting great.

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Make sure that you keep up with the latest and greatest advances in the Dasani Drops flavor enhancers by following them on Facebook and Twitter! There are recipe ideas you can pick up for cobining flavors and you will even be in a great position to find out about any advances in the drops first!

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Get your Dasani Water, add your Dasani Drops and enjoy a flavorful, no-calorie, and refreshing drink anytime. You are limited only by your imagination and taste for adventure!


  1. Amy Moore says

    I’ve actually been hoping and hoping and praying that they would just put out a lemon flavored one, like their Dasani Lemon Water, which is becoming harder and harder to find. That would be totally awesome!

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