3 Strategies You Should Consider Now That the Kids Are Back in School

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School is back in session and you’re probably still adjusting to the schedule. If you are, it’s certainly nothing to worry about as all parents struggle to get back into the swing of things. The best way to make sure that everyone stays on track for this school year would be to consider implementing some new strategies to your daily routines. These changes, while very simplistic in nature, can certainly give you a bit more time each day to get prepared.

1.  Homework Box

Don’t you just hate it? You’re rushing around in the morning only to find that one of your children “accidentally” forgot to do their homework or forgot they needed something for class? Now you’re stuck trying to help them solve a math problem or searching around the house to see if you have the very item they need to take to class that morning? Well, instead of running around at the last minute, you can implement a homework box:

You can get a box that is large enough for homework papers to go inside of it. Decorate the box however you’d like and leave it in a generic place where your kids can access it. When the kids come home (after their after school snack of course), have them sit down to complete their homework. Once they’re finished, have them place their homework along with ANY paper work you need to see, review, or sign before the next morning. This way, once you’re done cooking dinner you can check the kid’s homework, review any upcoming events, and sign off on any necessary documents.

2.  Events Calendar

Now that school is back in session you’re likely going to be running back and forth as your children sign up for extracurricular activities.  The hard part is usually keeping up with everyone’s schedule. While you might think tonight is the night you can come home, cook dinner, and relax, you forgot that your daughter has dance class and your son needs to be at football practice. Rather than having to run around like a chicken with your head cut off, you can create an events calendar.

Purchase a cork board and some push pins. On the board, place a nice sized monthly calendar that everyone can easily write on. Using different colored pens or markers for each person in the house, have them write down when their extracurricular activities are. This way you know when and where you have to be. For younger children, posting flyers or reminders with a push pin might be a bit easier for them to manage. Then you can simply add their name to the calendar when you get the chance.

3.  Limit TV Time

Ever wonder why your kids are waking up like zombies in the morning? It could be because they’re watching too much television right before bed. To remedy this issue, it might be a good idea to limit their TV time during the school year. Since they’re in school for a better part of the day, they really shouldn’t give you too much fuss about this new strategy.

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These three strategies certainly won’t solve all of your scheduling issues at home, but it should certainly take care of some of them. Now that the kids are back in school staying on a routine that’s pretty systematic is a great way to keep the stress down each day. With all that extra time you have left on your hands you can easily find some time to yourself (if you haven’t fallen asleep after caring for the kids that is).


  1. Birdiebee says

    Thank you for these great strategies. I have also had to limit my granddaughter’s use of electronics (i.e., iphone, laptop, tablet, etc.) and have her do 30 minutes of reading instead.

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