Wrap Your Car Up in Fragrance with PERK Vent Wraps

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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of PERK for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

Thank you to PERK Vent Wrap for Sponsoring Today’s Post. The product samples were provided to us so we could see if they fit our needs. All opinions are completely our own.

This fall we are spending a lot of time in our cars. We have one daughter in public school near our home and one in private school an hour away. They both have activities to be shuttled to, and that means more meals than I would like in the car – it also means that athletic gear and horse show remnants find their way to the floorboards along with trash bags of drive-thru leftovers. Needless to say, sometimes our vehicles have a not-so-fresh aroma! Thankfully we got the opportunity to discover PERK Vent Wraps for our vehicles.

(3 of 3)   PERK is an innovative brand of automotive air fresheners offering long-lasting, high-quality fragrances in a variety of formats to fit your lifestyle. They are specially designed to blend in and go away. While you won’t notice the air freshener, you will enjoy the fragrance. What I love is how much more discreet the PERK Vent Wrap is than other clips, sticks, or diffusers. I want something that is smelled but not seen. (4 of 3) I also want something that I don’t need to be an engineer to install. The PERK Vent Wrap is easy to use because it simply wraps around your vent blade. Vent Wrap doesn’t block air flow from the vent and allows your vent to be adjusted as needed, unlike other vent air fresheners. Plus, PERK works whether the vent is on or off. It won’t spill or leak, and each wrap is individually wrapped for long-lasting fragrance. (5 of 3) The StediScent™ technology delivers consistent fragrance that is the same from the first day to the last day. Each wrap lasts for 15 days, and since they come in packs of 4 that means 60 days of refreshing fragrance. PERK Vent Wraps are available in a variety of amazing PERK fragrances, including favorites such as Golden Vanilla, Caribbean Colada, and New Car. You can pick up PERK products at – Walmart, Target, Advance Auto Parts, AutoZone, Meijer, Kroger, Pep Boys, Publix, CVS, and other places auto air fragrances are sold.

If you have kids, dogs, and a busy schedule then you need this product. When you go out with your friends you don’t want them to smell sweat socks and horse sweat as soon as they open the door to your car. Do yourself – and your friends and family – a favor and grab a $1 off PERK coupon to save on your purchase of PERK Vent Wraps today. Wrap your car in fragrance with PERK Vent Wraps. If it works for our smelly group, I know it will take good care of yours. Enter our giveaway for your chance to win a free gift basket filled with PERK Prizes! You could win:

6 month supply of PERK products/fragrances

1 PERK travel mug

2 pairs of PERK sunglasses (1 green and 1 black)

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