Make Sure Your Kid’s Locker Lookz Fabulous this Fall + Giveaway!

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When it comes to school, there aren’t a lot of opportunities to express your style. From cafeteria lunches to school uniforms and carefully prescribed course selections, so much of our kids’ days are laid out for them by parents, teachers, and school administrators. Now there is a way for your student to shine outside of the classroom and show their stylish side in the most unlikely of places – their locker, with Locker Lookz!!

Our oldest starts 9th grade at a new school this fall, and while her uniform may say functional, her locker will say fabulous! She is a little anxious about the first day (I think I might have been too), but she is super excited about her back-to-school décor. When we opened her box from Locker Lookz, she was all smiles. It’s a great way to start off our transition from summer to school year (she has a couple of weeks of freedom remaining), and it’s really great that she has something fun to take along on the first day of classes.


She will be rocking a nice line of locker accessories to provide an oasis in her hectic day of demanding coursework. I remember my locker as a less than lovely place, and I definitely never felt happy about opening the door – when I could get it to open. But my scholar is going to have a space all her own, and it will look super chic.

This stuff is so cool I am contemplating making a return to high school myself. She is rolling out some ridiculously awesome wallpaper with a great pattern to decorate the walls of her space. The color is great (see the pic below), and the pattern is very fashionable for this year. Locker Lookz Limited is setting her up to have the nicest book nest on the hall.


Clearly locker wallpaper that looks this good would be enough to delight any student (again, see the smile?), but Locker Lookz has sweetened the locker by adding magnetic-backed picture frames for her to show pictures of me (I assume), and maybe some of her friends. Add to that a mirror to check the make-up or spot the blemish between classes, and the look is really coming together quite nicely.

There’s also an accessory holder to keep pens, highlighters, hair bands, and pencils handy for quick access during class change. Nothing sets a student up for success like organization!


Finally, our favorite piece! What good is all of this style if you can’t see it? Locker Lookz Limited has the perfect solution to shine some light on the issue. Meet the Coolest Chandelier for your locker! It’s battery operated, and attaches to the top of your locker with a strong magnetic top. Of course you can’t turn on the light when you open the door because your hands are full, so it has a built-in motion sensor!

You can’t completely beat the back-to-school nerves, but you can get your student something to be excited about for the first day of classes! In fact, thanks to our partnership with Locker Lookz Limited, YOU can hook your student up just in time for back-to-school with our giveaway!


One lucky Parent Palace winner will have a chance to win their own custom locker look, including a wallpaper set and three accessories up to $69.99!  Make sure to come back every day to enter the giveaway and don’t forget to follow Locker Lookz on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter!

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  1. says

    Believe it or not I just bought one of those motion sensor lights. Mine is too cute. It’s a chandelier, but I’m still trying to figure out how to hang the bugger. hahahahahaha

  2. Athena Emmanouilidis says

    I designed my locker with: purple glitter scroll locker wallpaper,purple plush faux fur locker rug,white beaded locker chandelier,white locker shelf,pink flower print glitter locker mirror,and purple damask print dry erase board

  3. Athena Emmanouilidis says

    I designed my locker with :purple glitter scroll wallpaper,purple plush faux fur locker rug,white beaded locker chandelier,pink flower print glitter locker mirror,white locker shelf,and purple damask print dry erase board

  4. Sadie B. says

    my design- Black & White Damask Print Glitter Locker Wallpaper, Green Polka Dot Glitter Locker Mirror, Purple Glitter Chevron Locker Bin, and the Aqua Peony Jeweled Locker Flower

  5. Rebecca Swenor says

    This is an amazing giveaway for any teen for their lockers. These are all gorgeous ideas for any girls locker. I so love the Coolest Chandelier which has a motion sensor on it. Thanks for sharing.

  6. says

    My oldest will be going into High school this year, they school she is going to has a lot of rules and can only put a few things in to decorate it. mirrors and a few pictures that can be held up with magnets are the only things allowed.

  7. Ron says

    Awesome product. Definitely can capture the eyes of school goers and parents alike. Thanks for sharing this product.

  8. says

    Awww bless, when I was in school back in Zambia we did not have lockers so there was no pressure there but stationary was huge pressure as you always wanted to have the newest and bestest out there lol. Looks like your daughter will definitely spruce her locker

  9. says

    We weren’t allowed to put up much in our lockers way back when–oh maybe we stuck up a pic of our fav singer or movie star but that was about it. How lucky these kids are today that they can dress up their lockers!

  10. Rosey says

    Such a fun way to make the lockers look unique. I like these a lot! I bet my teen would like to decorate her locker too.

  11. says

    I LOVE Locker Lookz! I agree – while my kids never wore uniforms you sure can show your individual style with Locker Lookz and really show things up! What fun for you both – 9th grade is a BIG deal!

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