Full STEAM ahead with Build & Imagine StoryWalls Gifts for Girls

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I am always excited to find toys for my youngest daughter that promote strong females! I don’t want to introduce them to shopping as the only sport they can play, or to anything that restricts their imagination or own personal interests from developing in whichever directions they choose. I love the push towards more STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) for girls, but I don’t like the exclusion of Art from that dynamic because I think Art is pretty darn important – so I was super excited to find this Build & Imagine StoryWall. It adds the Art to STEM, effectively making it STE(A)M!
Build & Imagine StoryWalls are play-sets constructed of high-quality and high-color magnetic panels that kids can join together anyway they please. This means that she gets to create the scenes in which she engages in her open-ended play. As a parent and a child development person, I am so happy that she has this opportunity. Now she can be architect and storyteller, and with the adventurous female characters that are available she will be playing with this for a long time to come.


Developing engineering skills and language skills are so important for kids. These foundational skills encourage more sophisticated development of higher level reasoning and thinking skills as they grow. Like every engineer knows though – it all depends on a solid foundation. The Build & Imagine StoryWalls provide the opportunity to lay that foundation through their encouragement of open-ended, imaginative play, and the necessity of assembling the sets to your daughter’s liking in order to facilitate that play! This is seriously cool.
Our daughter has been playing with the Marine Rescue Center which was a natural fit for her since she loves animals. The set includes Thea doll, 15 illustrated StoryWall building panels that can transform the Marine Rescue Center into a marine rescue ship, and 30 magnetic accessories. StoryWall panels and accessories include an operating room, dolphin pool, storage room for rescue gear, and a rescue jet.



Depending on your daughter’s interests, you can choose from the Marine Rescue Center, Malia’s Beach House, or Day At The Beach. There is something to spark just about every imagination. If you have a girl on your gift list this holiday season, this is definitely something that you should pick up. The toys are so durable that you can take them along on travel excursions and know that they are going to hold up to the use and provide enough entertainment to get your daughter where she’s going. It’s a great opportunity to let her set the stage for her own learning and follow her own interests down whichever path she decides.


How do you encourage your child to develop STEM skills?

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