Build a Stronger School with General Mills Box Tops & Walmart

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When it comes to our kids’ schools, we want them to have the best opportunities for exploration, growth, and discovery. Just like every other parent, we want our kids to attend well-funded schools with the best tech and teaching materials available so our students can have the world open to them when they move forward from their schools. It is exactly because we want to give our kids and their school every opportunity to have the tools that they need to succeed that we make a point to shop for products from General Mills that are labeled with the Box Tops for Education logo.

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 When we do our grocery shopping at Walmart, it is easier than ever to help find these products, because right now some of them are emblazoned with Bonus Box Tops on items we would buy anyway! That sparked a fun adventure for our most recent grocery trip. The challenge: Choose foods that we could build a  full-day’s menu out of with the highest possible Box Top value!

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To maximize our score, we knew we would have to get as many of the Bonus Box Top products as we could fit into our single-day food challenge. To start things off, we hunted down something for breakfast. Our youngest went with the Reese’s Puffs from the cereal aisle, while our oldest opted for the far more mature Cinnamon Rolls from Pillsbury. Both of their selections were worth a box top apiece PLUS 5 bonus box tops on each one!

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 Then, we hunted up something for snacking a found a box of Gushers, which our littlest nearly grabbed without help! By this point the kids were becoming experts at hunting for the Box Tops for Education bonus boxes. With the bonus, everything we were tossing into the basket was a potential $0.60 for our elementary school! That’s enough of a contribution that if every household in even our tiny school district participated, we could make a huge difference for our kids’ quality of education.

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One thing I really liked about the shopping trip and the General Mills Box Tops for Education program at Walmart is that it’s an easy and actionable way to get the kids involved in community support, consumer responsibility, and the consideration that nothing (even at school) is free – someone has to pay for supplies, and in this way they are able to be one of those “someone’s” to a degree. It makes me feel good that they are excited about the chance to help, and it makes them feel good that they are helping their classmates.

Every Box Top is worth $0.10 for your child’s school when you turn it in to the school. With more than 80,000 K-8 schools participating, this is one of the largest school earnings loyalty programs in America. Your school can use the money for anything they need. Check out our next post to see which products the kids came up with, and just how much money we were able to make for our school in only one day of Box Top eating!

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of General Mills®. The opinions and text are all mine.


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    I love the goal you set for your family that day with finding the most box tops and do a full days meal. What a fun thing to do. We love box tops! Our school uses them all the time!

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