Best Buy Makes Birthday Gifting Easier Than Ever!

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I am intimidated when it comes to selecting presents for so many people on our lists. Whether it’s one of the kids’ (who use and understand tech in a way that I may never reach), or my spouse who loves all things gadgety, or even the extended family members that we seem to only see on those occasions when I am expected to produce a gift on behalf of our family to theirs! Gift giving can be overwhelming with all of the options and no direction. Thankfully, Best Buy has taken the guesswork out of the selection process and turned the fun up to 11!

When you visit the Best Buy Gift Ideas Page, you can select gifts based on occasion (which is birthdays in our house all August long), recipient (Him, Her, Teens, Kids), and even price point so you find the maximum amount of awesome for your shopping dollar. If the perfect idea still eludes you after all of that, you can even order a gift card that is themed for the occasion – and, if you are up against the party deadline you can send the gift card electronically so you never miss the date! Perfect for when your gift giving memory may have failed you!

If you happen to be lucky enough to be on the receiving end of the gift-giving occasion, you can even help your friends and loved ones by setting up your own Best Buy Wish List online! This is incredibly easy to do and can be accomplished entirely online. Whether it is housewarming, bridal registry, holiday gift time, or as in our case, a month of birthdays, you can create your own registry so friends and family can feel confident that they are celebrating you with something that they know will make you smile! Not to mention that setting up your own registry can help you keep track of the ideas you want to revisit later when it’s your turn to gift again! It is a great tool to stay on top of tech year round.




  1. says

    I need to get with the program! I had no idea they had gift registeries. That would be a very cool way for a birthday party guest to shop or even a wedding guest to find something the couple truly wants! I need to look into this more.

  2. says

    I love shopping at Best Buy! They have something for everyone on my list (myself included!) so it’s great to be able to have one store for all my gifting needs. However, they aren’t super close since we moved so I do a lot of shopping online now!

  3. says

    I love shopping at Best Buy and I also love that they make it so easy for their shoppers. I haven’t browsed their gift ideas page, yet, but I’m sure I will find a lot of great gift ideas there for my family and friends.

  4. says

    My brother use to work at Circuit City and I was a faithful shopper there and nowhere else! The store closed down and I was forced to seek out other options. Then my daughter got a great deal on her fist lap top at Best Buy. I was a non believer until we got there and seen the deal. It was so great that I have been back 3 times since, now I love it! I am afraid to check out the wish list, I may end up buying everything!

  5. says

    I had no idea that Best Buy did wish list registries. This is a great idea especially for kids with all the accessories that go with some of the video games these days. I need to check this out for birthdays and Christmas this year!

  6. says

    I don’t normally shop at Best Buy, but this may be a game-changer for me. I love the idea that Best buy now have gift registry. I am a type of person who feels uncomfortable when someone asks me what I want for a gift. By setting up a gift registry, I can list what I want for a gift without me having to say it directly to my family and friends. Perfect!

  7. NYC SingleMom says

    I love the idea of wish list especially for older kids. I never know what to get them and as much as gift card is super easy it seems like a cop out.

  8. says

    I love the idea of the Best Buy Wish list and how handy would that be! Not only for me with friends, but with friends and me! This way someone can buy something that I really would like for a change!

  9. says

    Thinking of gifts is one of the most challenging things to do especially when you don’t know the person well or you know him/her but not sure what to get. Researching for the perfect idea is okay but it’s great if everyone can just post their best buy wish list online. This is to help out givers and save time thinking of things to buy.

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