Turn Any Day into a #SundaeFundae with Smuckers® Ice Cream Toppings from Walmart!

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* This post was sponsored by J.M. Smucker Company, but all experiences and opinions are our own!



Now that summer is in full swing, and the girls are out of school, we try to have as much FUN as we can while the weather is nice in Buffalo! And summer just isn’t the same without ice cream!  Chances are, if you catch us eating dessert during the summer, ice cream is going to be involved somehow!  Right now, our older daughter is visiting her dad for a few weeks, and my youngest misses her, so we wanted to create a special Sundae Bar for her to make her dessert special!  So we stopped by Walmart to grab Smucker’s Ice Cream Toppings and all the other goodies we would need to make our sundaes special!

I had NO idea that the J.M. Smucker Company made SO many different sundae toppings!  They took up several Walmart shelves, and frankly, it was hard to choose.  I love Smucker’s jam, so the first thing I wanted was fruit topping, but then saw that they had marshmallow topping – YUM!


Honestly, it was REALLY hard to choose!  So while we didn’t by ALL the Smucker’s Ice Cream Toppings that Walmart carried, we came pretty close!  There were just so many types and flavors of yummy things to make our sundaes awesome!


One of the coolest products that we picked up  was the Smuckers Magic Shell!  The Magic Shell (which we found in three flavors at Walmart!) freezes over your ice cream to make a hard shell, like a dipped ice cream cone!!! This is one of our FAVORITE ice cream treats at the local ice cream shop, so we are TOTALLY excited to try them out on our sundae’s at home – what a special treat!


We can’t wait to create our sundaes using all the yummy Smucker’s Ice Cream Toppings that we picked up at Walmart!


What Smucker’s Ice Cream Toppings will be in YOUR bag next time you head to Walmart?


  1. CourtneyLynne says

    Ooo now this is a my kinda post!!! I just love making sundaes with snickers toppings! I love the chocolate that hardens over the ice cream

  2. says

    Sundaes sound like a great idea! I’m having people over for the Bachelorette finale tomorrow night and you’ve given me the idea of serving sundaes for dessert. Thanks!

  3. Rosey says

    You’ll get no arguments from me on having Smuckers. I’m good for that anytime, and I think my kids would agree. ;)

  4. says

    I would definitely go with the caramel. I think it would work with vanilla or chocolate ice cream! I also didn’t know they had so many flavors.

  5. says

    I grew up with Smuckers. It was a treat for us to have a jar of hot fudge, but then really, really special when my Mom would get the pineapple topping. Back in the day, that was a real treat for us. I still buy it and remember my Mom.

  6. says

    Oh wow! Lucky you have lots of Smuckers there in your country. I’ve only seen a few flavors and variants here. Like the peanut butter and jams. I would like to try the syrups.

  7. Angelic Sinova says

    I LOVE Smucker’s hot fudge toppings but I didn’t know they had that huge of a variety of toppings! How awesome. Who doesn’t love a good sundae? <3

  8. Robin Rue (@massholemommy) says

    We eat ice cream pretty much every day in our house. We do make sundaes out of them sometimes and my kids love it when we do!

  9. says

    I didn’t realize Smuckers had this large a variety of ice cream toppings. Going to keep an eye out next time and create a fun ice cream social.

  10. says

    I am a bIG fan of Smuckers from a long time ago! I associate Smuckers products with fun and the family and friends we used to share ice cream toppings and fun desserts, especially in summer!

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