Minions Supervillain Jet by Mega Bloks is Despicable Fun

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minion flight

We know them, we love them, they are quite despicable and incredibly lovable; they are Kevin and Stuart! By now you have seen the Minion Movie, and if you are like our family then your love for these two mischief makers has only deepened. How much cuter can you get than the well-intentioned antics of these two Minions?


Now you and your kids can create your own slice of shenanigan adventures when you help Kevin and Stuart take to the skies in the Supervillain Jet by Mega Bloks Minions! With a cockpit sized perfectly for a Minion pilot, it’ll be chaos when you load one of your Minions at the controls of this despicable plane. 


This fully buildable Jet features an opening cockpit and canopy, working ejector seat, two side launchers, and a trap door for quick escapes!  Includes two buildable Minion character figures – Kevin and Stuart – with interchangeable parts, including overalls, goggles, arms, feet and hair.


Our local mistress of all things Minion, and designated designer of despicable things, Katie appointed herself the director of our assembly operation. With the full color instructions, she was up and running in no time. The directions are easy-to-follow and although they are recommended for ages 5 and up, you might want to be on hand to help out the young ones.


We all understand that it can be challenging to get the directions away from our own Minions, so give them a quick look-see before you hand them over and you can spot any assembly areas that your little might (reluctantly) need some help to complete.


We found that the directions were really pretty easy for her to follow on her own, and that the only help she really needed was to make sure that the pieces were pressed together firmly enough to ensure that they were bonded together. There is nothing more frustrating than having your despicable jet fall apart during a mission, so making sure the pieces are firmly attached to each other is a good way to get involved in the process with the kids.


Assembly is pretty quick, very straightforward, and lots of fun. Plus it helps build the fine motor skills and engineering portion of her brain and so I am a huge fan! Katie loves building things and this satisfied her creative impulses, at the end of the build she had a great jet, and two adorable Minions. I don’t know if she will fly them around and wreak havoc or add them to her collection, but they are definitely a welcome addition to the family!

Pick up your own Minions sets today, and start your own despicable adventure with your little Minions!

Have you tried the Minions Supervillain Jet by Mega Bloks yet? What is your favorite thing about doing building projects with your little ones?




  1. Michele D says

    My kids would love this! We are big fans of Megabloks and the Minions. So cute! I gotta look for this in a store near me. Thanks!

  2. Rosey says

    My son loves the minions. The new movie is what made him the huge fan that he is, and now he runs around trying to talk minion Spanish, lol

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