5 Tips to Claim Back “You” Time

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When was the last time you actually had time set aside just for you? These days it is easy to get stuck in a rut of looking after the kids, juggling work and making sure your spouse or partner is happy. It’s easy to forget that having time to yourself is just as important as making time or everyone else. In fact, it is essential if you want to ensure that you are able to fully ‘be there’ for everyone else. To look after others you first need to look after yourself. So if you’re struggling to stop and take time for you, below you’ll discover 5 of the best tips to reclaim your ‘you’ time.

  1. Analyze your current situation

Before you can actually start taking more you time, you need to figure out where your time is currently spent. A good tip as shown on Zen Habits, is to write a list of the things you currently do that you feel are necessary. Then look over that list and assess how you spend all of your time. For example, watching TV and surfing the web may seem like quality time in the moment but, in place of things that are more relaxing or fulfilling this could be seen as a waste of time.

  1. Schedule ‘You’ time

This may sound silly but actually scheduling time for you is a great way to make sure you commit to it. Just one hour a day can make a massive amount of difference. Or half an hour if you really cannot afford to take a full hour. Writing it down in a schedule format ensures you know when your time is coming up and it helps you to organize your time better.

  1. Learn something new

If you feel guilty about taking time out for yourself, a good way around that is to learn something new and turn it into a hobby which enjoys structure just as with the rest of your life. Why not take an online tutorial on something you enjoy? Learning a new hobby or skill can help to make your free time more productive. There are also hundreds of online courses you can take and some of these can even inspire you to develop new skills in the workplace.

  1. Don’t get caught up in emails

It’s surprising how much time emails can actually take up. A great tip featured on the Saga website is to check emails frequently but schedule certain times to reply to them. Getting bogged down in lengthy conversations via email will soon eat into your free time.

  1. Switch off from social media

Social media is a fantastic way to keep up with friends and family. However, this consumable media can quickly become an addictive habit. Try to have one day a week where you completely switch off from Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. You might just be surprised how refreshing it is to have a digital detox.

Following the above 5 tips will help you to free up more time that you can spend on yourself. It’s easier than you think to reclaim some you time. So what are you waiting for? Start giving yourself more attention today!


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