Save for Summer Fun with Walmart Family Mobile!

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Summer is about to ramp up here in Western NY – the school days left are down to single digits, and our summer planning is in FULL swing.  We have tons in store for us – the first being a middle school class trip to Boston! Yes, in a moment of weakness or insanity, I signed up to chaperone a trip requiring a 10 hour bus trip to Boston with a group of middle schoolers!!  But in all seriousness, I’m super excited to be taking this trip with my older daughter.  The remainder of our summer is filled with family trips (including a long road trip!), camps, weekend horse shows,  and as many fun summer activities as we can pack in!

This requires lots of scheduling – not only for me, but also for my daughters!  And there’s another thing that is definitely required…cold, hard cash.  While there are generally some expenses that are lowered in the summer, like school clothes, I generally find that summers get more expensive as our gasoline use increases, we spend more time on “staycation” activities, horse show fees, and of course larger purchases like summer camp tuition and road trip expenses.  So for me, summertime is a time to save!

Because we have to be so budget conscious in summertime, it’s a perfect time to switch over to Walmart Family Mobile! For my family, Walmart Family Mobile is a significant savings over our current cell phone service. Walmart Family Mobile service is $29.88/month (for the first line) Unlimited Talk, Text & Data service plan which includes up to 1G of 4G LTE data.  We took a look around Walmart, and grabbed a ZTE ZMAX for only $179!


This phone is PERFECT for my teenage daughter, who occasionally stays by herself in the summer while I work – I definitely need her to have reliable cell phone service that isn’t going to break the bank!


The service is super easy to sign up for – it literally takes 10 minutes and you are in business!  You do need to purchase a $25 Starter Kit if you don’t already have Walmart Family Mobile, and this has your SIM card and all of your activation instructions right there – it’s really simple!


The ZTE ZMAX is super fun too…it’s screen is HUGE, so it’s great for playing games, and taking photos and video, which my daughter does CONSTANTLY!  Plus, it lets her keep up with her friends over the summer, and while she is at home, she can talk and text using our Wi-Fi service!  This is a seriously great way to keep her happy with her cell phone while still letting us control our summer expenses, so we have more cash for fun stuff!  If you haven’t checked out the Walmart Family Mobile Service, I highly recommend that you do!


What are your summer plans?  How will you save up for what you want to do this summer?  The Walmart Family Mobile Plan lets us save on our cell phone bill so we can have more summer fun – how could it help you this summer?

Disclaimer: All prices for phones and plans included in this post are accurate as of the date of posting; however, these prices are subject to change. Please refer to or your local Walmart for current pricing.


  1. Krystal says

    I love my Walmart Family Mobile phone. It’s such an affordable option for those who need it. I am loving it!

  2. Rebecca Swenor says

    The Walmart Family Mobile Plan is a great way to save for some summer fun. The ZTE ZMAX sounds like an awesome phone indeed and the price for the first phone is totally awesome for what you get. I will have to check into it. for sure. Thanks for sharing.

  3. CourtneyLynne says

    Walmart family mobile sounds great!!! Hubby was just talking the other day how he wanted to look into something new, will have to tell him about this.

  4. Carly says

    What a great deal! We need to look into a plan like this, we are spending WAY too much on our cell phone plan!

  5. says

    I recently went to a pre paid phone since I use it so infrequently (even the phone company agreed!) Bit for all of you who seem to be attached to your phones this certainly would save you a bundle of cash!

  6. Robin Rue (@massholemommy) says

    I have been considering this plan for my son when he’s old enough for a phone. He’s only 10, so I have a few years, but it’s coming up quick.

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