Pledge to Keep Your Laminate Surfaces and Living Room Clean and Fun with Pledge Lemon Clean

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With an active family in and out of the house all day, and dogs always on the move, dust and allergens tend to build up on our laminate surfaces. The fact that many of our surfaces are dark makes it even more noticeable. For us, the challenge becomes how to keep the living room clean so we can all relax and breathe comfortably!

Check out these 3 Ways to Spruce up Your Living Room

  1. Use your vacuum cleaner attachments to get your furniture and floors extra clean

We all know that our vacuums came with attachments, but how often do we use the furniture brush or the wand to get the relics of last night’s movie night popcorn out of the couch, or the little dust bunnies out of the corners? Using these attachments makes a big difference in sprucing up your living area.

Our family is a creative group of mess-makers, so using the special attachments to get at those hard-to-reach but easy-to-soil surfaces is key to keeping our living room in tip-top shape.

  1. Keep your pets brushed and bathed regularly

Whether you have a yappy hairball like one of our dogs, or a short haired cuddle monster like our other, they can be a mess! Even if your pets tend to be of the feline or rodent variety, if it’s not a fish it probably sheds. Shedding animals can quickly overwhelm the laminate surfaces of our entertainment stand and end tables.

One way to cut down on the shedding and allergen build-up that accompanies living with furry friends is to keep them well-groomed. For shaggy dogs and cats that means brushing the regularly to get the loose hair out and away. By bathing your pets regularly it also cuts down on shedding and any allergens they may be bringing in from outside. Cleaner pets equal a cleaner living area and happier family time.

  1. Use Pledge Lemon Clean on all of your laminate surfaces to keep them clean and fresh

This one is our biggest weapon in sprucing up our living room. As you can see, it gets pretty obvious when we our laminate entertainment center needs a dusting!


Because Pledge Lemon Clean is Ph-Balanced we don’t have to worry about what the formula will do to our laminate surfaces. Using Pledge Lemon Clean leaves our surfaces clean and radiant by bringing out the dark wood pattern that we love in our furniture. Plus, you can’t beat the classic lemon aroma of Pledge. That smell isn’t harsh and doesn’t need to be neutralized or masked by other scents. It comes out in a nice, even spray, so you don’t have to use a lot, which is great!


Cleaning with Pledge Lemon Clean is worry-free and smells so good. It leaves our living room looking and smelling wonderful and clean. It refreshes our laminate furniture and revitalizes the look of our living room. Since it isn’t a harsh cleaner, we can even let the kids help keep our family space spruced up and ready for the next movie night.

Don’t spend your quality family time in a dirty space, and don’t spend hours and hours cleaning instead of playing. Keeping things picked up helps, but follow the 3 tips above and your living room will be cleaner, and your family time will be happier! Remember, any space can look its best – and with the proper tools, like Pledge Lemon Clean, the job is manageable for everyone.  You can tell how much better it looks in the “After” shot!


Check out our entertainment area after it’s spruce up! With a little help from Pledge Lemon Clean, it looks AND smells a whole lot better!



What do you do to give your home a quick pick-me-up?

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