Kenmore Elite Grills Serve Up a Father’s Day Gift that Grillmasters Will Love

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It’s almost Father’s Day, so I am so excited to share a great gift idea, sponsored by  Kenmore Elite Grills! Kenmore Elite Grills is getting this dad fired up for his first official Father’s Day as a dad! Back in the fall, my wife and I tied the knot and I became the proud stepfather of two amazing girls. So, this June 21st is my first ever Father’s Day as a Dad.


When I was a kid, my dad was the undisputed King of the Grill at our place, so now I surely get that title in my own home, right? Thankfully I have something my parents never had – access to Kenmore Elite Grills and recipes.

Kenmore Elite Grills has superior grilling capacity so you can feed the whole crew without spending hours rotating meats and veggies on and off the grill. There’s nothing manly about not having enough space to feed the family. Plus, the versatility of the Kenmore Elite Grills design allows you to harness the incredible power of these beasts to prepare your favorites and the meals for which you will become legend. Even the design of the Kenmore Elite Grills is so timeless that you will be proud to show your own bad boy off in your backyard like I am. An important highlight in the life of any new dad – even one who is in his mid-late 30’s is the moment when your own dad shows up in your backyard and has to sit and watch your superior grilling skills – or at least your superior grill!

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I grew up in Hawaii. And one of my favorite memories from my time spent watching my dad grill out at the beach or by the pool was the smells of Kahlua Pork on the grill. This summer I am paying tribute to my dad by breaking out this Kahlua Grilled Chicken recipe in his honor – and in honor of the timeless advice he passed along between bastings.   I know that I’ll be able to pass special recipes on to my step-daughters as well – especially my youngest, who loves being sous chef!

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You can use your own recipes of course, but for amazing ideas Kenmore has you covered if you need additional recipes!

Kenmore Elite Grills is a wonderful destination for your Father’s Day shopping. Whether your dad has been on duty for decades, or he’s newly minted like me – your appreciation of his sacrifice and love won’t go unnoticed when you give the manliest of gifts this holiday. Great offers are available now through July 4th at or at your local Sears store!

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Kenmore Elite Grills.


  1. says

    Having a nice grill is so important come summertime, I love the recipes I find on Kenmore too… so creative and full of flavor! Good for you showing off your grilling skills to your dad, it’s only right you get to show off whatcha got! :)

  2. says

    Oh, I can just imagine you as a youngster looking up to your dad as he grilled and how those aromas probably take you back to those days in Hawaii. How awesome that must be… This grill looks really great like it will do part of the job for you.

  3. says

    What an incredible looking grill, and a great gift for anyone, especially dad!! If I was in the market for a new grill, I would absolutely look in to this one. I just bought my husband one in December, however, and I’m excited for the day we fire it up – finally!

  4. says

    Summer means grilling! That grill looks really cool and my husband would definitely want that. I still haven’t thought of what to give him on Dad’s Day, I will look more into this. Thanks for the suggestion!

  5. Michelle Hwee says

    How awesome! That looks like a great sized grill and definitely great for family BBQs! I think it would even get us to eating fast just because of how much you can fit on it! What great food :) I love Summer BBQs, they are just so good and great quality bonding moments! Thank you for sharing it with us :)

  6. says

    This grill looks fantastic. I started grilling more last summer because I didn’t want to have to wait until my husband got home from work and I’m so glad that I did. Can’t wait to try my hand at grilling desserts!

  7. says

    That’s one amazing grill! I’ve been looking around at different grills to surprise my husband with for Father’s Day. My husband cooks out almost all year long, and his current grill looks so old and run down. I’ll have to visit soon to take a peek around.

  8. Karen Glatt says

    This is a great big nice grill. My Dad needs a new one because his is broken. I think Kenmore makes the best grills and the food tastes so good after cooking on the grill. I will have to look at some of the recipes. Thanks.

  9. says

    I love to grill over the summer!! This sound like it would be an amazing grill to make a father’s day dinner on. The recipe for chicken sounds amazing and would be right up our alley for grilling!

  10. says

    We love Kenmore grills! Grilling is one of our favorite things to do as a family! And you’re right. This is a perfect gift to give to Dad’s on fathers day as well! :) Great recipes too!

  11. says

    Grilling out at the beach in Hawaii would certainly stand out as a special memory for me, if I had that experience. We gave my hubby a grill almost exactly like this one for Father’s Day several years ago. He absolutely loves it and has become a talented cook using it.
    I need to go check out that Kahlua grilled chicken recipe!

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