Take Your Game to the Next Level with HEX Performance+

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I was compensated for this post by HEX Performance. All opinions are my own.

HEX Performance+ is the first and only system designed specifically to clean and protect today’s performance gear and apparel. Your gear supports your athletic journey, and you owe it this level of scientifically designed care. Plus, you pay a lot for your gear, so why not do all you can to make it last.


You work hard, and if you’re like me, you play even harder. Whether it’s competing against others or challenging your own limits, you put in the blood, tears, and especially the sweat to do what we do – and to do it well. Unfortunately, you also put all of that into your gear and that can leave things smelling a little long-term funky, especially if you are trying to clean your performance gear with the same detergent you use to wash your kids’ blankies.

As an outdoor enthusiast myself, I am excited to announce HEX Performance Power+ Laundry Detergent, and Enhance+ Performance Boosters. When I use the products together, my backpacking gear comes out smelling clean – finally. The real challenge though is my daughter’s equestrian gear. Weekends when we bring her show stuff into the laundry room make me cringe with the smell of sweat and horses!


There’s a unique stink that can build up in gear and athletic apparel that doesn’t come out, no matter how many times it’s cleaned. HEX scientists created a new formula designed specifically for performance gear and apparel. With HEX Power+ Laundry Detergent, HEX proved that they didn’t need a fragrance to be really clean. But I want to catch the smell of fresh laundry – and HEX has risen to the challenge. HEX Enhance+ Performance Booster is the perfect complement to HEX Power+ Laundry Detergent, giving performance apparel a fantastic, clean fragrance without compromising its ability to wick, breathe, and move.

I pay a ton for shirts that are wickable so that I can stay cool and comfortable when I am on the trails. The fact that HEX Power+ is naturally antistatic and restores wickability saves me so much money by extending the life of my performance gear. This advancement also means that I don’t need to buy more dryer sheets and fabric softeners, which saves me even more time and money.

The HEX Power+ system of protection ensures that your gear and apparel continues to work at peak performance. HEX Tech creates a unique, bonded barrier that protects gear and apparel with odor-fighting technology, giving them long lasting protection from odors typically associated with bacteria. Yeah, bacteria – disgusting.

I am a backpacker and my daughter is an equestrian athlete – so we can tell you that for the amateur there is nothing better to take care of your gear, make the house, car, and laundry room smell better. But if you need someone with a little more field credit, you should know that It’s a product developed by a professional athlete who knows first-hand how tough it can be to get those odors out of apparel and gear. You may know him – he’s major league lacrosse player, Drew Westervelt.

Hex Performance+ is available at all Wegman’s stores. Save money on your purchase of Hex Performance+ with this coupon to use at your local Wegmans.

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