Cape Cod® Potato Chips wants to give you Ridiculously Good Chips and $5,000!

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Tracking PixelThere is no bad time to snack, but you have to be picky about what you put into your body. So I was super excited when we were able to partner with Cape Cod® Potato Chips, who sent over some bags to sample.


They have three flavors: Original and Reduced Fat Original, Sea Salt & Vinegar, and Popcorn, and I was excited to try them all. I love to grab a bowl of chips and watch a game on tv (don’t really care which game, so long as it’s a good one) – is there anything better to snack on than chips?


I also like to have a solution for a travel snack when we are driving the kids to lessons, school, or the grandparents. Cape Cod Potato Chips don’t disappoint!  The kids loved them too!


We really enjoyed sampling Cape Cod Chips – they are perfect with a quick summer dinner, for lunch, or just while snacking in front of the TV.


Cape Cod® Potato Chips are ridiculously good, and since they are gluten-free, I can bring them out when we have our friends over for a party without having to worry about anyone not being able to enjoy them.The small batch production ensures a great, crunchy, and delicious potato chip.


But Cape Cod® isn’t stopping at ridiculously good, they are also being ridiculously generous this summer! Cape Cod® is giving away twelve (12) bags of chips valued at $5,000 each. Don’t worry, the bags aren’t going to cost you $5,000, if you find one, they will GIVE YOU $5,000! What kind of summer fun could you have with that much cash? From May 25 – September 30, 2015 consumers will have the chance to win $5,000 hidden inside bags of Cape Cod Original, Reduced Fat, and Sea Salt Waffle Cut Chips.

Each week during a six (6) week period, two (2) bags with a winning game piece will be inserted on-shelf at a retailer. Bags will be placed until July 6th, 2015. Now you do have to mail-in your certificate by to by 9/30/15 get paid, but that’s not too difficult. Promotion rules and prize details can be found here.

Cape Cod® Chips are the ultimate in production quality. Quality, Authentic Brand, and Small Batch Crafting define their approach, and with small batch crafting they are able to turn out unique, perfect chips in their imperfections. The hearty crunch gives you a distinctive flavor experience, and since they are gluten-free and cooked in 100% Canola Oil with no preservatives, you are getting the best potato chip on the market.

Find Cape Cod® Potato Chips in 60% of stores across the west and try their snacks and chips today. You can choose from Original and Reduced Fat Original, Sea Salt & Vinegar, and even popcorn. Additional product information can be found at here.

Whichever flavor you choose, be sure to pick up an extra bag for your summer travels, kids’ lunches, and your own parties, picnics, and summertime events!

So if you haven’t already, try Cape Cod® Potato Chips, now available from your local grocer.

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Cape Cod® Potato Chips.


  1. says

    I am a potato chip junkie! Cape Cod Potato Chips are one of my favorites, too! I’m especially fond of the Sea Salt & Vinegar chips. Yum!

  2. Michele D says

    We love Cape Cod chips in this house too. Great with burgers, sandwiches or just a snack. They taste so so good!

  3. Pauline C. says

    Chips in a bun–I haven’t tried that one yet. And this is great because it’s cooked with canola oil which is unsaturated fat(read as healthy fat).

  4. says

    There’s always snacking happening at my home and these would be just right.
    Ooh and to win the money would be simply irie!

    I should definitely put some of these in my snack drawer.
    Thanks for sharing about the contest too!

  5. says

    I have never tried cape cod chips but man do those waffle chips ever look yummy! I think it would add a nice texture! Thanks for sharing :)

  6. says

    Oh yum! I’ve never heard of these before. I love the lattice looking chips how fun are those! GF is ideal as so many people are GF these days!

  7. Robin Masshole mommy says

    These are my favorite chips in the entire universe. I live about a half hour from where they are made and I have done the tour of the factory a few times. They’re the best chips ever.

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