Modarri Cars Take Playing Cars to the Next Level!

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Do your kids love toy cars? If so, you need to take Modarri cars out for a spin!  This spring, Modarri picked up an award for the Spring 2015 National Parenting Center Seal of Approval, and it’s not hard to see why once you play with them!

The cool thing about the Modarri line of cars is that the pieces are made to mix and match, so while the cars are really cool all by themselves, the real fun starts when you take them apart, and rebuild them by mixing and matching the parts.   You can literally makes thousands of different combinations by using the hex tool that comes with each car to take them apart and re-imagine them however your choose.


My girls loved taking apart the Modarri cars and making their own creations…and let’s be real…my husband did too! Each car includes a chassis, hood, seat pan, seat, fenders and frame, four wheels, front suspension and rear suspension that can all be used to mix and match, creating your child’s dream car!


The cool thing about Modarri is that it instantly fosters creative play – this is a toy that is fun to build and THEN play with too!  Once you create your dream car, it’s time to drive.  These cars are so easy to steer!  Your child can use their fingers to steer using its real suspension and wheels that turn very freely. They are super fun to drive – you basically need two fingers (one on the seat and one on the trunk).  And each car comes with a set of orange cones so you can set up your own obstacle course!


Modarri cars are sure to provide your kids with hours of fun – there are four single car varieties that are $19.95 each, or you can get a three pack of cars for $49.95.  Modarri cars are good for ages eight and up – any younger than that and you will need to help them out, and these are for kids under 3 because of small parts. Try them out – you won’t be disappointed!

And now, you have the PERFECT chance!!  Modarri has very generously offered Parent Palace readers 10% off your order at  Plus, you can also get FREE shipping.  Just use this code when you check out: “SAVE10”.

You can also get Modarri cars on Amazon: S1 Street Car | T1 Track Car | X1 Dirt Car | Modarri DIY Race Car | Modarri 3-Pack, and make sure to like Modarri on Facebook, follow them on Twitter, check out their Pinterest board and subscribe on YouTube.


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