Make Mother’s Day Bubble with iSoda Soda Maker!

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I’ve heard about the craze of making your own soda, so I was super excited when iSoda sent over a unit for us to try out!  The iSODA ECO Counter-top Beverage Carbonator is a great Mother’s Day gift option for moms who love carbonated beverages of all kinds! This soda make allows you to to make your own sparkling water any time you like, or fresh and delicious soda made from richly flavored imported Italian syrups with fresh fruit and no high-fructose corn syrup!  Yup, that’s right – this is a healthier option!


One of the best things about the iSODA for me is that it takes up a very small amount of counter space, and it requires absolutely no electricity or battery power to operate. To get the unit ready for work all I needed to do was unpack the product and follow some ultra-simple instructions to install the carbonator.  You just insert, and twist, and replace the door!


Once the cylinder was attached, it was just a matter of filling the bottle with cold water, attaching it into the iSoda.


Then the fun starts!  The actual carbonation is SO easy.  You literally press a button three times. for about one second each time, and then a release button.  It’s super fun to watch the carbonating unit bubble your water!


With my bottle of sparkling water in hand I added a couple of doses of lemon-lime syrup (only 16 calories a shot!) and had a fun, healthy, and delicious drink!

The patented Quick Connect bottle and Turbo-bubbler design keeps easy and mess-free beverage preparation within easy reach for your mom! There are a full line of flavors available to satisfy her tastes and with easy online ordering through the iSODA website or Amazon refills are never more than a click away.  Mom has spent years making sure that you got things exactly the way you wanted them, now it is time to give mom the option of making her beverages exactly the way she desires. From sparkling water to super sweet soda, the iSODA ECO Counter-top Beverage Carbonator is ideal for Mother’s Day!  It’s also super affordable at only $68.99!

To learn more about the iSODA ECO and all of the exciting options available for you and your mom, check out iSODA’s website!







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