Give Mom a Timeless Gift with a Mamacita Love Token by India Hicks

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Are you looking for a unique piece of jewelry for your Mom?  Look no farther than India Hicks.  This ‘Mamacita’ Love Token is a beautiful and unique way to honor any of the mothers in your life. Crafted from high quality sterling silver plate, the Love Token is a lasting tribute to the women who give all of us so much. As a Mother’s Day gift, this Love Token is something that any mom will treasure for a lifetime.

The tradition of engraving small coins as a token to present to friends and cherished family members stretches back more than 400 years in Britain. These Love Tokens by India Hicks is about the size of a traditional British coin, which places it at about the size of U.S. nickel – perfect for adding to a necklace, a charm bracelet, or carrying along in a pocket as a reminder of your love wherever they roam.  Some words from the creator:


Isn’t that such a beautiful sentiment?   ‘Mamacita’ is a word we all instantly recognize. Whether you call yours Mom, Mommy, Mama, Mother, Madre, or Mamacita – this Love Token acknowledges the essential role that she has played in your life. The Love Token is highly shined and features quality engraving that makes a real impression on the recipient, and is available in both silver and gold.


The obverse shows your engraved title ‘Mamacita’ on this one, and the reverse features a heart and the India Hicks name so the wearer knows that the Token is authentically India Hicks.


During your visit to India Hicks to order a Love Token for your Mamacita, take a look at the wide array of other engraved Love Tokens. India Hicks has a Token for almost every occasion and personality type; and because it is from India Hicks, you know it is a quality piece of artwork. How cool is it to give someone you love and care about something that has a 400+ year history?? Happy Mother’s Day to all the Mamacita’s, wherever you may be celebrating!


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