Quick Chile con Queso with Hormel Chili

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Now that Memorial Day is here, Spring and Summer are really starting to heat up around our house. The heat here is nothing like what we grew up with in Oklahoma and Texas, and although we now live in the northeast, we still like to cook like we are back in the land of spicy chilies and cold beer. This weekend we made one of my favorite dishes – Chili con Queso  featuring HORMEL Chili! The great thing about this recipe is that you can dial the heat up or down depending on your crowd, and the base ingredients are available everywhere.

To make enough dip for your next gathering try opening a can of HORMEL Chili – choose with beans or without beans depending on your taste (but I think no beans is needed for this recipe), and add diced tomatoes, diced chilies, lime juice, and cilantro along with cubed cheese. Pop the microwave safe dish into the microwave and heat it up 45-60 seconds at a time and stir between heating until you get the consistency you want. Finally, serve it as a dip for Summer parties, Fall game days, or any other time that family and friends show up and look hungry. It literally takes 5 minutes to make – which is good because your guests and family will be clamboring for more.


I miss the sunsets of the Southern Plains, and I miss the cheap gasoline, but I am happy to say I can still get the flavors of home regardless of where we are living. Plus, since our kids are growing up here it’s fun to be able to share the tastes of our childhood with them. I hope that days like today – spent sitting around and talking and playing and eating will translate into happy memories for the kids as they continue to grow and develop – and I think at least a part of their story will be the flavors we share as a family too.

HORMEL Chili is America’s #1 chili so it is a natural choice for this recipe. With so many varieties, Hormel Foods has a chili for everyone. HORMEL Chili has shared over 50 regional ways to enjoy chili on their website and Facebook page to show fans Chili Nation, a nation that has declared their love for all things chili! Visit the HORMEL Chili website for recipes and chili pairings from every state.  Also, if you complete a quick quiz, you can get  a coupon for $1 off the purchase of any two HORMEL Chili products!

How are you part of the #HormelChiliNation ? Post your recipes or stories and tell us about it. People of all cultures and regions coalesce around food and storytelling – what tastes like home to you?


  1. Rosie says

    Oh this is something I’ve been wanting – delish and easy, no muss, no fuss. I can’t wait to try it!

  2. Krystal says

    I just made some chili dip with Hormel. It’s such an easy way to get started on a fast appetizer!

  3. Fi Ní Neachtáin says

    I really love chili, especially with rice for dinner. I always pick up mine with beans though, I just think they give that added texture :)

  4. says

    I have never tried Hormel chili. I like the convenience of it. Having the main part made, would make recipe creation easier.

  5. says

    I haven’t had chili wot or without beans for a long time. The way my stomach is now I would unfortunately have to go pretty mild. But I think I might pick up a can of Hormel and make myself a delicious dinner. Your recipe does sound good and if I have or am invited to a party I will surely make it,

  6. Robin Rue (@massholemommy) says

    That sounds really good. I have never tried that Hormel Chili before, but I think I will try this recipe :)

  7. Rebecca Swenor says

    This is an awesome easy recipe for sure. I love Hormel Chili and love to use the hot one for Chili con Queso. I could literally eat this every day with chips, on hot dogs, and even on hamburgers. Thanks for shairng.

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