A Cheesy Mother’s Day Gift from The Cheese Guy

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Usually, you wouldn’t want to give mom a cheesy Mother’s Day gift, but if you’re getting it from The Cheese Guy, mom probably won’t mind!  The Cheese Guy has incredible selections to please your mom this Mother’s Day! Whether your mom has a refined palate, is concerned about the humane treatment of animals, or both – she will appreciate a gift from The Cheese Guy!

We recently had the opportunity to sample a few of the cheeses from The Cheese Guy, and we were floored by the richness of flavor and texture in each cheese.

IMG_7932Our favorite was the Marble Cheese, which is a blend of Yellow Colby Cheddar and Monterey Jack cheese.

IMG_8164It is a nice, firm cheese and perfect for snacking!  A little goes a long way too, because this cheese is incredibly rich.  For me, I first tasted the creaminess of the Monterey Jack, and then the yellow Colby had the perfect bite to it!  Soooo good for just slicing and eating!


The type of quality that The Cheese Guy consistently achieves is possible only because the owner oversees the production of resources at each farm that produces his small batch cheeses. The Cheese Guy also exercises personal oversight of the aging and storage of the cheeses in, yep, you guessed it:  a cheese cave.

The commitment to quality that The Cheese Guy shows evident as soon as you open up the package. The Cheese Guy products have been featured in some of the most prestigious hotels and newspapers in the world should tell you something about just how good the cheese tastes. This is the perfect gift for a mom who is a foodie, and because of the way the cheese is prepared it is even suitable for vegetarian moms, and the cheese is sources from farms that treat their animals humanely.

If, you want to win Mother’s Day this year, then go to TheCheeseGuy.com and make your selections. There are so many cheeses to choose from but keep in mind that The Cheese Guy makes artisanal cheeses in limited quantities, so get to the site today to make sure you get the variety you want. Be careful though – if Dad finds out about this, he is going to expect you to visit the site again before his day in June!

For more information and retail locations, please visit The Cheese Guy or follow him on Facebook or Instagram.


  1. Elaine feliciano says

    Thank you for this post. Mother’s day is over so I guess I will do this for father’s day.

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