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If you’ve had or attended a baby shower lately, there’s a good chance that you received or gave a Boppy pillow.  A Boppy pillow is a must have for any new mom – it’s a great way to support your baby for comfortable feedings (whether you are breast feeding or bottle feeding), and will be your best friend as your baby begins to have tummy time and starts to learn to sit.  The best part is that your Boppy will actually LAST for all of these milestones!

What’s even cooler is that now your Boppy comes for something that will support YOU as well as your new baby!  Just until the end of this month, if you pick up an award-winning Boppy pillow for yourself or the mom-to-be in your life you not only get your Boppy, but you also get a free 60-day membership to Daily Burn!


DailyBurn provides streaming workout videos that you can use on a ton of different devices, including your Apple devices and Roku.   And, not only do you get workouts (and there are a ton of different varieties you can choose from), there is also one-on-one fitness and nutrition coaching.  Until the end of May, look for specially marked Boppy pillows like this one:



See the DailyBurn sticker!  If you purchase a Boppy Bare Nake, Slipcovered, Luxe, or Heirloom Boppy Pillow through the end of May, you will also get 60 days of free one-on-one fitness and nutrition coaching – it’s like getting yourself or the mom to be in your life two presents!  In addition to the gift of a Boppy (which is sure to make you the hero of a baby shower), you’re also getting a $55 value gift for Mom too.

And don’t worry- there are workouts for everyone, including postnatal yoga!  Plus, dad can burn off stress too.  The DailyBurn provides workouts at home and on the go, and you will have professionally guided workouts, coaching, and community support!  You’re sure to find something that’s right for you!

You can get a Boppy, which range in price from  $30.00 to $50.00, at and major retailers.


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