Post Easter Candy Workouts

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Did you overindulge this weekend on Easter candy?  Too many Peeps?  I can proudly say that I did not consume a single Peep – but I did fall prey to the dreaded Reese’s peanut butter egg…they’re soooo good.

So if you indulged, check out this guide from personal trainer Jack Rowley as he gives us the lowdown on how much our rear ends to need to move to walk off those Easter treats! How many of these Easter Candy workouts will you need to do?

John Rowley’s Candy Culprit Workout

Candy Culprit #1: 5 Peeps (1 serving size)

  • CALORIES: 140 / SUGAR: 34g / FAT: 0g
  • WORKOUT: It will take 20 minutes of rowing, 80 Burpees OR 20 minutes of swimming laps to burn off 5 Peeps

Candy Culprit #2: Cadbury Mini Eggs (12 pieces)

  • CALORIES: 110 / SUGAR: 27g / FAT: 8g
  • WORKOUT: It will take a 30 minute run at moderate pace OR 20 minutes of jumping rope to burn off 12 mini eggs


Candy Culprit #3: Hershey’s Milk Chocolate Eggs (seven eggs)

  • CALORIES: 200 / SUGAR: 22g / FAT: 12g
  • WORKOUT: It will take a 30-minute elliptical workout at a moderate pace OR 50 minutes of boxing to burn off seven milk chocolate eggs



Candy Culprit #4: Reese’s Peanut Butter Egg (just ONE egg)

  • CALORIES: 170 / SUGAR: 16g / FAT: 10g
  • WORKOUT: It will take 35 minutes of moderate aerobics OR 20 minutes of jumping jacks to burn off one egg


Candy Culprit #5: Jelly Beans (35 per serving)

  • CALORIES: 140 / SUGAR: 16g / FAT: 2g
  • WORKOUT: It will take a 30-minute moderate bike ride OR 25 minutes of box jumps and high knees


Whew!   That is a LOT of work to do for not too much candy.   Thank goodness that ham and gravy was calorie-free, right??

I’ll be hitting the gym now for my Easter candy workout.  Hope everyone has a happy after-Easter Monday!

Certified Personal Trainer, Best Selling Author and ISSA Director of Wellness John Rowley is a widely recognized fitness health and wellness expert who helps others transform their bodies and help them find their passion, purpose and drive for success. As a #1 Best Selling author, John’s books, The Power of Positive Fitness and Climb Your Ladder of Success Without Running Out of Gas,both act as self-help books for those interested in transforming their bodies and lives. He has also released UX3: The Body-Shaping Beverage™ – a comprehensive meal strategy for those who are looking for optimal fitness results. Rowley’s expertise goes beyond staying physically fit. He changes lives and offers many self-help tips in every aspect of life, which helps others live an overall more successful life.

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