The Case Studio Personalizes Graduation Gifts!

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As part of our gift guide for Dads and Grads, we are super excited to tell you about The Case Studio, who sent us a sample for us to review for you. As more and more people have smart phones (and if you’re like me, if your kids are starting to get smart phones), they become not only about the technology, but they have become a fashion accessory. Your phone case has really become an expression of you – what your interests are, what your personality is, etc. For example, mine is pretty darn boring because I carry it around with me in the office so it has to be fairly professional.

When it comes to dressing up your cell phone, The Case Studio blows it out of the water. I have never seen such an incredible selection of the most adorable patterns, fonts, monograms. Seriously – if you can’t find something you like at The Case Studio, you never will!

In addition to amazing patterns, you can also customize your smart phone case with your own photos. They have SO MANY layouts that it’s really hard to choose. My daughter, who is starting high school next year, selected a case for her phone.


If you didn’t know already, you would now – my daughter is HORSE crazy, so she picked a case with a pattern she loved and a picture of her beloved quarter horse, Zeus.  She did want to put her name on it, but I vetoed that idea –  I didn’t want a stranger see her name on her phone and be able to approach her.  But for your tech savvy high school or college grad, this probably wouldn’t be a big deal.  Think about how cool it would be to personalize a phone case with your grad’s favorite pet, the university they will be attending if you have a high school grad, or other meaningful photos?

The great part is is that these cases are no joke when it comes to protection.  My daughter broker her other phone case, and it was supposed the be the “unbreakable” kind.  Her Case Studio phone case has been put through the test, and there isn’t even a scratch.  It’s also easier to get on than some cases – my daughter had no issues popping it right on.


So if you are looking for a great phone case as the perfect gift for a techie grad, I HIGHLY recommend The Case Studio – it’s sure to bring a smile to your grad’s face! And, if your grad has other devices, they also have cases for Android phones, ipads, laptops, and more!

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