Soul Sessions – A Story of Soulmates and Love {Book Review}

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I love to read – fiction, nonfiction, biography – you name it, and I read it. I value reading and encourage my children to read every day – we even have two separate rooms in my home that are designated “libraries”. Recently, I read a new book called Soul Sessions, by Carson Gage.

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Before I go into too much detail – let me just say that I loved this book.  Given that I read so much, I don’t give that recommendation lightly.  I ordered Soul Session on Amazon, and with free Prime shipping it was here in two days, but I could hardly wait.  I received my book on a Friday, so I was up the next morning reading.  I love to get out of bed early (even on the weekends) before the Tory, the kids, and the dogs are up and running around, curl up in my favorite corner of our library with a cup of tea or coffee and just get lost in a book.


Looks cozy, huh?  It really is – it’s so relaxing to get completely engrossed in a book and lose a few hours.  Soul Sessions is definitely a book that will let you do that.  Here a summary from the publisher to get you started:

An engaging journey of love and spiritual awakening, Soul Sessions starts in current day Chicago, where Nick Dalton is a troubled yet highly successful Investment Banker with a gorgeous girlfriend and an extravagant lifestyle. Despite all his success, Nick falls into a deep depression after a life altering event. Just as it looks as though Nick’s life might end in suicide, enter Katrina DuMont, a gifted psychologist who is expert in both traditional and new age methods of treatment for depression. Together, using past-life regression techniques, they explore several of Nick’s prior incarnations, where he unwittingly discovers a beautiful woman who repeatedly appears as his lover and soul mate. To potentially reawaken his epic love affair, Nick is compelled to search for her in this lifetime. Thus begins an astonishing story of love and intrigue, where Nick stumbles across inconceivable answers to some of life’s greatest mysteries … and once again finds the course of his life altered.

 Soul Sessions is a really deep book that asks a lot of questions that I sometimes worry about:  Do we have more than one life?  Is there such a soulmate, and if there is, how do you find them?  The book is premised upon past life regression as a therapy treatment, which I didn’t really know about before reading this book.  Before beginning this therapy, Nick felt lost and was in a deep depression.  While I am not depressed, I related to Nick in his struggle to find his path and meaning in both his work and his personal life.  As I also am in a somewhat high-pressure career, I have felt a lot of his frustration in the past.  This made Nick very easy to relate to for me, so I was invested in his story almost at the very beginning.

 My favorite parts of the book were Nick’s explorations of his past lives.  By exploring these past lives (I won’t give them away, but they are incredibly interesting) and conversing with his spiritual guides while under hypnosis, Nick begins a journey of self-discovery that leads him to determine that he has gone “off the path” of where he was intended to go and that he has missed lessons that he needed to learn.

There are a lot of intense emotions brought out in this book, and I will think  you will find that you get very invested in Nick’s story. If you are a person who ponders questions of “What happens when we die?” or “How will I meet my soulmate?”, Soul Sessions is definitely a book that you should read.  Even if you don’t believe in past lives, regressions, or soulmates, I think you will find Soul Sessions to be well-written and engaging.  I really enjoyed this book, and am I glad I have the paperback so I can read Soul Sessions again!


About the Author:

  • Carson Gage has been interested in the mysteries of life and death since the age of seven, when he survived being run over by a speeding car. This experience led him on a journey of discovery for answers to some of life’s biggest questions.

Do You Believe in Soulmates?

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  1. Jessica Beard says

    Your reading spot does look really cozy! I’m going to add this to my list of must read books. Thanks for the recommendation.

  2. Karen Glatt says

    This sounds like a very interesting book that can have the reader asking questions about things and wondering what the meaning of life is. I would like to read this book too! I would like to see where Nick’s life went in the progression of this book.

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