RESCUE Products Rescue Struggling Sleepers + Coupon/Giveaway

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Like any working mom, there are moments in life when I wish I could just hit the pause button, take some time to relax, and reset.  However, between work, kids, and blogging, sometimes those moments don’t come until it’s time to go to bed.  When it’s finally time to lie down, there are so many thoughts running through my head that it’s hard to shut off my mind and go to sleep. That has led to some long nights for me, and I wouldn’t be surprised if most busy moms out there have had some trouble sleeping on occasion.

While I have been a struggling sleeper, I haven’t felt like I needed or wanted any type of prescription medicine.  So I’ve developed strategies to help me cope with the stress that can make it tough for me to fall asleep.

  • Turn off the Tech:  At least 30 minutes before I go to bed, I try to turn off the tech.  This means TV, cellphone, laptop, iPad…if it has an on and off switch – it goes to off.  Cutting down on the screen time helps me to settle myself before bed.
  • Get Prepared for the Morning:  If things are disorganized before bed, my mind is disorganized as I try to sleep.  I worry about the morning schedule, and being late.  Making sure that school notes are signed, clothes laid out, and lunches made helps me feel prepared and better able to relax.
  • Become a Bookworm:  I sometimes try to read before bed, but sometimes this does backfire if a book is really amazing – I want to stay up all night to read!
  • RESCUE to the rescue:  I recently discovered RESCUE products.  These are natural, homeopathic remedies that help you calm your mind, stress less, and stay calm!  I tried the RESCUE Sleep Liquid Melts.


The RESCUE Sleep Liquid Melts are a natural, homeopathic way to reduce your stress and help you sleep.  They were developed by a doctor, and are non-habit forming.  They come in other forms other than the RESCUE Sleep Liquid Melts, including RESCUE Pastilles and RESCUE Pearls.  The RESCUE Sleep Liquid Melts have combination of herbs designed to help you clear your mind, relax, and sleep.

The RESCUE Sleep Liquid Melts are super easy to use – the capsules are super tiny, which is great!  They also dissolve really quickly and have a slight orangey flavor.  They are easy to transport and are great for sleeping when I’m traveling (which REALLY affects me).



RESCUE Sleep Liquid Melts are great for me, but even though they are herbal, if you are taking other medication, you should consider visiting your doctor to make sure that these will be safe for you.

Ready to try RESCUE products?  Get your BOGO coupon for RESCUE products and enter the ‪#‎StressLess‬ sweepstakes to win awesome prizes from Bose and GoPro! RESCUE products can be purchased from CVS in the Stress & Anxiety section, or Sleep & Analgesics, Walgreens in the Sleep section, Whole Foods in the Whole Body section, or Sprouts.  I was also able to find RESCUE at Wegman’s.

How do you manage the stresses in your life?

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.


  1. Barbara Montag says

    Since I have a stress disorder this is always a difficulty for me.
    Tonight I was extra affected by it and I laid on the couch and did body breathing which helps me a lot.
    thank you

  2. Amanda Sakovitz says

    I dont handle stress well at all. It’s really hard for me. If i do try to handle it, I usually run.

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