Planetbox Makes Healthy Lunch Easier

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In the morning before school, it’s always a battle at my home to agree upon the lunch and snacks that my daughter will actually eat. I always try to send her to school with a healthy lunch and she prefers I send her with as much junk food as possible.

Sometimes I cave in to her demands of sugary packaged foods due to the lack of space and compartments her usual lunchbox offers but that is about to change, thanks to 

I love the Planetbox lunch box because it makes it easy to pack healthy lunches and I don’t have to put everything into plastic snack bags anymore. The compartments help keep the snacks separated and tasty so I know my daughter will enjoy her lunch even if it is healthy.


I have the Rover complete along with the fork and spoon set, cold packs, and fun magnets that make this set better than your typical lunchbox.


I love that the little dipper seals tight to hold dips and sauces and big dipper is perfect for things like carrots or any wet messy foods.


The outside compartments on the carry bag are perfect for a drink as well as any additional snacks you want to send along. My daughter is in the 4th grade so they still have snack time at her school and this pouch makes it easy for her to grab her snack without having to open up her lunchbox.


The Rover fits perfectly into the carry bag and even has  pouch for the cold packs. I love this feature because it seems my daughter is unable to bring her lunchbox home without spilling yogurt and I usually am cleaning her ice packs daily, which is never fun. The cold pack sleeve keeps the cold packs clean and the box is dishwasher safe so I no longer have to deal with these messes every day!

I would highly recommend the rover for the little ones to bring to school for lunches and they offer a larger set for adults too. Check out their site by clicking here, to learn more about all of their great products that are sure to make your life easier.

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