Go a Step Ahead on Planning Your Garden, Even if it’s Snowing

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I know its winter, but that doesn’t mean we can’t talk about gardening. Our winter gardening advice? Go through various gardening catalogs and deciding what plants you want to grow in the coming year. This is a great start but why not take a step further? Winter is a perfect time to review what worked and what didn’t in your garden the previous year. You could have grown something you love but you simply planted it on the wrong spot.

The good thing about this exercise is you don’t need to go outside. This means, any snow still covering your landscape doesn’t matter. Actually, a barren winter garden will let you see the actual structure of the space and how it flows. This also means that when you do start ordering plants or heading your nursery, you will have a much better idea of what you want and need. The use of winter gardening advice will lead you to the right path to have a flourishing garden.

Planning Your Garden

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Did your plants grow in the right place? Did they struggle to grow? Planting sun loving plants in shade or vice versa leads to frustration. Choose plants that fit your garden microclimate even if it means moving some to new locations.

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Did you love your flowering garden beds? Did the color combination work well? Did you have blooms throughout the growing season? Probably this year you can try something different or add new perennials.


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What of shrubs and trees? Are they still doing well or do you need to replace some? Is it time to add a fruit tree or shade? Or you want a beautiful accent shrub at your patio or front door.


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Did you have any bare spots? Come with some plants that you can plant on the space such as summer blooming or you can add other decorative accents such as pot and chair.

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Did your vegetable garden thrive? If it didn’t, what went wrong? Was it the location, too much or little water or bad weather? This year plant your favorite and try some new plants.

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Do you have new places to garden? Your garden’s floor could have been great but the walls were blank. Is it possible to add vertical interests maybe on the wall?

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Image Source: Houzz.com

Is your irrigation in a great condition? Whether you have an automated irrigation system or water by hand, think about different ways to make your watering more efficient. Do you need to change your sprinklers or install a rain sensitive monitor to avoid watering during a rainstorm? Or would you prefer a drip system?

What will make things easier? What were the frustrating things that you encountered repeatedly during the previous year? Did you dread to wander out behind the garage every time you had to pick some vegetables to eat? Was it impossible to transplant potted plants into larger pots? To make it easier to harvest edibles maybe you should try raised beds.

How can you improve your garden’s aesthetics? Looking at irrigation supplies, bags of soil, extra pots and garden tools is a great idea. Look for a perfect way to store all these garden essentials. For example, this garden has metal pipes and cast in place concrete to keep tools organized in an artistic way.

Image Source: Houzz.com

Image Source: Houzz.com

Better still, you can add a thing or two. A wall with a bold color accompanied by chairs will certainly grab attention. All in all, making use of winter gardening advice is a great way to prepare your garden to be even more productive this year.



  1. Karen Glatt says

    I sure cannot wait for things to get going for Spring, and I can not wait to see my tulips bloom and some of my other flowers. We have had little snow, so I have been cleaning out the yard in the last month! I am glad I am getting an early start this year!

  2. Kimberly M. says

    I have been getting some ideas for my outside from Pinterest. I want to spruce up my outdoors this year and make it more “livable” space but also more beautiful and colorful. I can’t wait until Spring. We have had a long winter here in the North East. So over this snow and bitter cold. Come on Spring!

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