Tips for Traveling with Kids

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Traveling with Kids

If you are a parent, you will concur with me that kids can be cumbersome when you go on long journeys with them. Since they get bored very easily, you have to find ways of keeping them busy so that they don’t become a nuisance. “Are we there yet?” is a question that signifies that your kids are beginning to get bored and chances are high they will begin throwing tantrums.

If you find yourself in such a situation, don’t panic because you can keep your kids engaged and entertained so that they won’t even realize the journey is over. Remember, kids get amused by very small things and this gives you enough room to pull up some tricks to keep them calm and occupied.

Search and Counting Games

These are good games especially if you are on road trips traveling with kids. Immediately, when you see signs of restlessness, ask them to count the number of vehicles passing outside. You could ask them to count cars, lorries, vans or alternatively, have them count vehicles based on their colors. Doing this not only keeps them busy but boosts their counting skills as well.

Travel Bingo

If you’re creative, try making a bingo card where you can add descriptions and pictures of items and landmarks on the way such as banks, schools, hospitals etc. A lot of children find these games exciting and this relieves you the stress of having to deal with traveling with kids.

Print-out Activities

Luckily, there are plenty of online platforms where you can get interesting print outs tailored for different ages to enable you have peace while traveling with kids.


If you know your kids love reading or listening to music, don’t forget to carry along some books and CDs before going on a trip. So, before traveling, make sure to visit your local bookstore to get them some new exciting books. Sticker books are an excellent idea because they cater for a large choice of age groups. Fortunately, we have the internet so you get to choose your children’s favorite music that will keep them entertained throughout the journey.

Carry Packed Lunch

I am sure most parents will agree with me that kids love eating and snacking while traveling. Before embarking on a journey, prepare tasty food that you can all eat as a family. A good idea is to stop somewhere along your journey for a picnic especially if the weather is good.

Map Reading

Map reading is an exciting activity that ensures traveling with kids is a lot of fun. You can have your kids monitor your traveling route with a crayon to determine which towns lie along the route and other landmarks to expect. Don’t worry, your kids don’t have to be map experts! They can have fun with the maps, it will certainly make the journey more interesting.

Schedule Stops

If you’re going on a journey, have an idea of where you intend to stop to either add fuel or take toilet breaks. This is critical for children because nonstop journeys will make your kids tired, agitated and uncomfortable.

Pipe Cleaners

These come in very handy because you can get your children to make several things out of them. Some of the things kids can make from old pipe cleaners include vehicles, animal, houses etc, anything interesting to keep them busy.

Choosing what is right for your family is extremely important because not everything will work for every family. Since you understand your children better, you need to come with ideas and activities that will keep them engaged. The most important thing is… do what is right for your family. You don’t want to arrive at your destination with kids who are tired and throwing all manner of tantrums. When traveling with kids, you need to be prepared and make the trip memorable not only for them but for the entire family. So, next time you are traveling with kids, try to explore the above tips or anything else you think will work best for your family.

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