Tips for Cooking with your Kids

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Cooking with KidsCooking with your kids isn’t exactly rocket science, but anyone that’s done it will know that’s it’s not exactly a walk in the park either. However, it’s obviously important to get your kids into food, hygiene and cooking, so cooking with them from a relatively early age can be really great for them.

If you’d like some tips for doing so, you’ve come to the right place, as here are some of the best we’ve found.

Be prepared for the mess

Your kitchen is likely to look a bit different after your kids have finished making their creations. This is perfectly normal, and you can take some steps to make clean-up easier, such as putting down wipe-able cloths and providing them with an apron.

Go slow and take your time

It will likely take you double the amount of time to cook even something simple with your kids, so ensure that you give yourselves plenty of time to do it properly. Go slowly so they understand each part of the process fully, too.

Experiment with different foods

Cooking with your kids is a great way to educate them about different foods, so use this to your advantage! You don’t have to stick with the standard recipe of fairy cakes when making something with them. In fact, why not be a little adventurous? Here are loads of different and exciting recipes for things to cook with your kids.

family-cooking-dinnerTeach them about kitchen safety

There are obviously a lot of dangers, especially to little ones, in the kitchen, so as you go along, teach them about how to be safe at various parts of the cooking process; from food hygiene to using knives and turning on the oven. If you’re using the hob, here are some great hob safety tips.

Provide them with their own equipment

Give them a true sense of pride in the kitchen (and save your own supplies from destruction!) by giving your little ones their own equipment. This can be anything from kids’ aprons to child-friendly baking supplies.

Have a plan (and aim to stick to it)

Sticking to a recipe or making something you know really well how to do is a good idea when cooking with kids, so that you can have an organised plan to stick to as best as possible. It’s also the perfect way to show your little ones how to follow instructions, as you can show them the full method before you start, then talk through each stage as you do them.

Encourage them to help you clean up too

Cleaning up after making a mess (especially a big one after cooking or baking!) isn’t fun, but it’s great to get your little ones into the habit of helping to do so early on, especially as they’ll have made the majority of it.

Let them do lots of taste tests!

The tasting part is of course the most important part of cooking or baking, so let them taste things along the way, and obviously let them have first dibs of the final product!

How do you manage in the kitchen with your kids?

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