St. Patrick’s Day Kid Crafts

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St. Patrick’s Day Kid Crafts

Do you know St. Patrick’s Day is the oldest and proudest Irish tradition? Do you celebrate St. Patrick’s Day? Even if you aren’t Irish, you too can celebrate. Have you yet planned anything this Saint Patrick’s Day? If not, you need to know there are many fun and exciting things, you can do with your kids on this particular day. This day, your little leprechauns need to be happy and entertained to make the most out of it. There are many St. Patrick’s Day kid Crafts that parents can choose from to have their kids get involved in the celebration.

Kids the same with adults get excited during holidays and St. Patrick is no exception. Simple things like St Patrick’s Day kid Crafts can make the day to be more memorable and can engage the whole family. If you want your kids to learn how to make St. Patrick’s Day Shirt, Paper Leprechaun Hat and Beard, Shamrocks or Shamrock Man to mention but a few, you need to come up with a list of creative St. Patrick’s Day kid Crafts.

The amazing thing about St. Patrick’s Day kid Crafts is they can also serve as a favorite pastime for adults. It is an excellent way to enable your kids to show their creative side. Carrying out enough research on Saint Patrick’s Day crafts for kids is a perfect way to come up with amazing ideas on what you can create with your children. One of the amazing things about these crafts is they are easy to make and materials are within our reach.

Check Out These Amazing St. Patrick’s Day kid Crafts………

1. St. Patrick’s Day Bell Pepper Shamrocks

St. Patrick Day 2015 crafts for kids

This easy craft makes impeccable shamrock and puts children very close to vegetables. Learn more Here.

2. Easy Rainbows

st patrick day easy rainbow

This craft is ideal for smaller children who aren’t yet able to draw a rainbow on their own. Learn more Here.

3. St. Patty’s Day Paper Leprechaun Hat and Beard

St. Patrick Day 2015 crafts for kids

For this craft, you need the pictures of your kids wearing these. Get the directions Here.

4. St. Patty Day Rainbow Gelatin Sensory Tub

st patrick rainbow

This is a fun and educational activity for younger kids. Find the tutorial Here.

 5. Shamrock Man

St. Patrick Day 2015 crafts for kids

Your kids will have a good time making this fun and simple craft. Find the tutorial Here.

6. Shamrock Sprouts

shamrock sprouts

Make your own St. Patty’s Day Chia Pet! Learn more Here.

7. Saint Patrick’s Day Leprechaun Trail

Leprechaun trail

In earlier days, we avoided messing up with leprechauns, but kids of nowadays try to catch them. Learn how to create a Leprechaun Trail Here.

 8. Shamrock Paper Plate Hat

20 St. Patrick’s Day Crafts for Children to Make

All you need to make this fun craft are paper plates, scissors, and pens. Learn how here.

 9. Pot of gold at the end of the rainbow

St. Patrick’s Day Crafts for Children to Make

The St. Patrick’s Day can’t be complete without some gold at the end of the rainbow. Learn more Here.

 10. St. Patrick’s Day Loopy Rainbow

st patty's day loopy rainbow

Children love crafting with fruit loops especially is they are allowed to taste in the process. Learn more.

11. St. Patrick’s Day Leprechaun Popcorn Hat

Leprechaun Popcorn Hat

For a fun Saint Patrick Day, you can make this craft and enjoy the popcorn while watching an enjoyable movie. Learn How to Here.

12. Shamrock Window Transparency

St. Patrick’s Day Crafts for Children to Make

These crafts look lovely hanging in a window and the kids love gluing the pieces of tissue together. Find the How to Here.

13. Wine Cork Shamrocks

Wine Cork Shamrocks
If anyone asks you why you are plowing through three wine bottles, you just tell them it’s “for the kids”. Find the How to Here.

14. St. Patrick’s Day Shirt

St. Patrick’s Day Shirt

Don’t you love how these shirts look? Well, your kids will have fun making them. Find the How to Here.

 15. St. Patrick’s Day in a Jar

St. Patrick Day in a Jar
These makes perfect gifts if only you can prevent the kids from eating all the candy. Learn more Here.

16. Leprechaun Wall Hanging

St. Patrick’s Day Crafts for Children to Make
Children will have a lot of fun making Leprechaun Wall Hanging. Find the tutorial Here.

17. St. Patty’s Day Shamrock Crystals

St. Patrick’s Day Crafts for Children

If you kid is a geek or love science, then this craft will look great. Find the tutorial Here.

 18. Lucky Crown Of Clover

St. Patrick’s Day Crafts for Children
Help the kids make this lucky crown of clover. Learn how Here.

19. Leprechaun Peg Dolls

St. Patrick’s Day Crafts for Children

Older children will have a blast making these cute peg dolls. Find the How to Here.

20. Lego Leprechaun Trap

St. Patrick’s Day Crafts for Children
Setting a Lego Leprechaun Trap is a lot of fun. It is easy to make because you can it with Lego bricks that you have at home. Learn more Here.

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