New Year, New Baby; How to Prepare for Your Exciting New Arrival

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Getting Ready for Baby

Getting Ready for Baby

Making the transition into parenthood can often feel like you’ve moved to another planet. The days and nights merge, you have all this new strange equipment you need to learn how to use and there’s a tiny alien that’s squealing at you in another language! Being prepared for this amazing journey is essential in making sure the transition is as easy as possible.

It’s also essential to budget for your new baby as there will be a number of essential items you’ll need to buy. According to the Financial Post, only half of Canadian parents saved or budgeted prior to the baby’s birth. Below are some simple ways to help you get prepared for the new arrival:

Learn about the birth

Try to learn all about the birthing process before the big day arrives. Consider taking a birth class where you can learn about the stages of labor, pain management, breathing techniques and the different medical equipment that may be used. Alternatively, take the time to read books and watch videos to understand more.

Baby clothes and equipment

You’ll no doubt receive plenty of baby clothes and glitter gift baskets when baby arrives so don’t go out and spend a lot of money on new clothes as soon as you find out you are pregnant. Of course, it is a good idea to have all the basics but you’ll be surprised at the amount of gifts you will receive. Make sure you get fully equipped with a changing mat, bubble bath, any feeding equipment, toiletries and a baby gym. The list is endless but if you’re having a baby shower, you can always ask for help with these items from friends and family beforehand.

Tips on Having a BabyThe nursery

It’s time to finally transform that ‘nothing room’ within your home into your future baby’s nursery! If you already know whether the baby is a girl or a boy, you can make a good decision about the décor and color theme. You’ll then need to think about everything from the baby’s crib and mattress to its changing table, basinet, blankets and baby monitor.

On-the-go gear

At the top of the list when buying for your baby is a car seat, otherwise how will you get your new baby home? What to Expect has a great guide about what to look for when buying a safe car seat. Next, it’s the stroller. Be sure to take a few for a test drive around the store before making your final decision and ensure you are comfortable with the way it opens and folds away. You’ll also need to consider your own baby bag full of essentials for when you’re out and about; no longer will you travel around with a tiny handbag that’s for sure!

Pack your bag

A couple of weeks before your due date, gather all of your supplies together including a change of clothes and pack them in your bag ready for the hospital. Place it in an easy-to-reach place in case you need to leave in a hurry!

So, how ready were you when your baby was due?  Share your comments below!

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