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Packing for a few days away has never been my thing, I always seem to forget something. It’s hard to remember every little thing that we need on a daily basis when usually all of these things stay in their place at home. There is nothing worse than forgetting your important things that you use everyday at the hotel where you were staying and not remember them until you get home. That has happened more times than I choose to remember or admit to.

One item my husband needs to bring on all of our trips is his Razor. He can not use the disposable kind so if he forgets his motorized razor at home that usually makes for a pretty hairy husband. The worst is when he forgets his razor at the hotel and this has led us to not bring his razor on trips any more and this has helped us add to our pile of bearded husband on vacation pictures. 

That was until we discovered ShaveTech’s USB Rechargeable Travel Shaver. Now he can leave this perfect for traveling razor in his travel bag and not ever have to worry about forgetting it again.


Shavetech is the latest in men’s grooming travel convenience. To recharge this easy to use razor, just plug the built in USB connector into any USB charger or directly into your computer.


This razor would make a perfect gift and it comes with a 1 year warranty. You can’t go wrong when you buy a useful present that can solve a problem for someone again and again.

One of our luckiest readers is going to win their very own Shavetech USB Rechargeable Travel Razor by entering the giveaway below. Would you keep this for yourself if you win or give it as a gift?


  1. jberry says

    I’d hand this over to my other half. He travels for work & is constantly asking me where the batteries are for his current shaver.

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