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As a busy working mom, I don’t have time get sick, and when I do, I certainly don’t have all day to spend at the doctor’s office.  Also, if I’m stuck at home sick, the nearest doctor’s office is 20 minutes away, and the closest urgent care is 30 minutes away!  The last thing I feel like doing is driving for an hour to see the doctor and get a prescription.  Also, when I have to work even when I’m sick, taking hours out of a day to sit in a waiting room is just not a choice.  In the past, I’ve just had to deal with it, but now, Doctor on Demand saves the day.

Doctors on Demand is a healthcare service that lets you schedule and conduct a medical appointment by video with a board certified physician, pediatrician, psychologist, or lactation consultant.  You can do this on a desktop, a smartphone, or a tablet!

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Scheduling an appointment with Doctor on Demand is SO easy.  It took me about 10 minutes to get all the way through the process.  You simply download the app, provide a list of symptoms and medications, and select your pharmacy.  You can even see a doctor INSTANTLY.  No waiting.  Or you can schedule an appointment at your convenience – and appointments are available from 7 am – midnight, so if that doesn’t work for your schedule I don’t know what will!  This is SUPER for moms as well – I don’t know about you, but my kids rarely get sick between 9 and 3 when my pediatrician’s office is open!



You don’t need insurance to use Doctor on Demand, and rates are very reasonable:  $40 for a 15 minute appoint with a doctor or pediatrician, and $50 for a 25 minute session with a psychologist.  You can see them for cold and flu, sore throats, rashes, upset stomach, sports injuries, and other common conditions.  Anything complex, like cancer, or other chronic conditions, cannot be treated on Doctor on Demand.

I cannot express how EASY Doctor on Demand is to use, and I did not think an app for a doctor’s appointment would be easy at all.  Setting up the appointment took minimal time, and the video visit was AWESOME.  I had no trouble getting my issue addressed in 15 minutes, and although I didn’t need a prescription, the doctor I visited with could have prescribed me one if needed (although they will not prescribe pain medication or any scheduled narcotics).  This is PERFECT for a busy family, as you can pretty much within an hour have medication if needed.  There are so many times when one of my girls had an ear infection or other minor issue that I would have happily paid $40 to get them some relief within an hour.

And here’s the BEST part – Doctor on Demand is offering the readers of Parent Palace a FREE doctor’s appointment.  All you have to do is enter the code PARENT15 when you download the app!  Your first 15 minute appointment is on the house!

What will you use Doctor on Demand for?



  1. Michele P says

    I think this is a great way to deal with minor medical problems as well as for those that hate going to the doctor (my hubby lol) plus it is more affordable than a visit to the Express Care clinic in our area and can be done right from home.

  2. Karen Propes says

    I think this is a great way to handle small medical problems. I was talking with my doctor the other day and they were looking into adding this to their service.

  3. Jessica Beard says

    I love the convenience of this if it is a minor issue. I’ll look into this if a problem arises.

  4. Belinda says

    Love, love, love this! I have 6 kids and trying to get someone to the doc can be a huge ordeal. The price s great too. It’s actually less than we’d pay at our ped with insurance!

  5. Katy says

    Okay, this is the coolest app I’ve seen in a long time! We all have those recurring little problems that need prescriptions, but not necessarily a whole trip to our family doc. I just downloaded this. Thanks!

  6. Charlene Kuser says

    I really like this health care service.My problem has usually been that we get sick after doctor’s hours.This would be so much better than going to the hospital ER.I love that they are open from 7 am – midnight,This is so convenient.

  7. Cheryl Larimer says

    I love how technology has made our lives easier. This should help reduce waiting times and costs. Love love love it.

  8. Dawn Monroe says

    I think this is great! I don’t know if it would work for us right now because our internet is always interrupted and we would be cut off but Its a great and convenient idea.

  9. Michelle Tucker says

    What an interesting idea. I think this is great, especially for those things like colds or things which you know might be something that can be remedied with an antibiotic or might be contagious so others won’t get ill by going in.

  10. Sarah Oswald says

    This would be great if you couldnt get an appointment with your regular doctor or you didnt have healthcare. I only pay $20 for my office visit and 50 for specialists arready so this would only be good if I could get an appointment to see my doctor but its still good to know since you never know when you may need it!

  11. Rosie says

    I love this. I grew up when docs made house calls, I remember I that big black bag. I hate going to the doctor, and this makes it so much better in so many ways, and not as scary or inconvenient.

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