Dakota RAW Watch Review – Perfect Gift!

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For the last few weeks, I have not known peace in my house because my son has been bothering me to buy him a watch. For some reason he had gotten it in his head that he needed one and it would make his life better.  Personally, I am not a watch person and use my phone to check the time but the rest of my family all love watches. My son, Jaime is a geek and loves gadget and he was totally convinced he needs a watch to add to his collection.  So having the opportunity to check out Dakota’s really awesome watches was a perfect fit!

dakota watch

I really love the products from this company! I got a cool watch for my son which he totally loves. He keeps doing the time check and brags to everyone who stops by the house how he has a super watch. What’s really great is that there are watches for men and women and tons of different cool styles.  If you can’t find what you are looking for there, I’d be amazed!

The watch we got was the Dakota RAW watch and it’s simply gorgeous. At this point, I see myself getting myself a watch from this company. The Dakota RAW watch is thick and hard yet is supple and soft. The watch is elegant and stylish and has a roughed up texture band. The recycled aluminum face gives the watch that attractive weathered look.

Dakota Watch Company

I didn’t fall in love with the beauty of the watch only; the functions offered by this watch are amazing. Dakota RAW watch has analog movement, an aluminum over-sized 43 mm case and genuine leather 28 mm band. Dakota Watch Company has amazing watches for both men and women. No matter your style or taste, you can’t fail to find the ideal watch for you, your little man or daughter.

So with graduations coming up or birthdays, you might want to take a minute and check out Dakota Watch Company and make it easy on yourself for gift giving! Check out amazing products at Dakota Watch Company here.  Who can you think of that would appreciate a great gift like this?

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  1. Karen Glatt says

    I have never heard of this watch! I like wearing different types of watches and this one looks like a very fancy watch to own! I will have to take a look at them!

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