Once You Become a Mom, You Will Never Do These Things

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Once upon a time, you had extra money on you, your house was well organized and you had all the peace and tranquility. Then somewhere down the line, you got pregnant and you were robbed things that you loved most; alcohol, hotdogs and sushi. You might have got some of those things back but along came the most beautiful baby in the world. However, as your kid gets older, you lose things you didn’t know you had, those little things you took for granted. I am not talking about late night dates or never ending showers, I am talking about little things you never knew you would miss because no one warned you that you might never do them again.

Once You Become a Mom, You Will Never Do These Things

Going somewhere with no purpose: Before you could just rush to the mall, go shopping or take a road trip without proper planning. But once you become a mom, it becomes impossible and somehow a secret service that comes with a lot of questions with answers that draw complaints.

Just do anything: You want to get in the car, sit down and shut up. Then after sitting for some minute, take a phone call and drive to grab something to eat.

Eat dessert without sharing: At times, you want to eat all that delicious ice cream without sharing bur once you become a mom, forget it.

Once You Become a Mom, You Will Never Do These Things

Talk to an adult: You may be talking to adults now but they consist of kid’s doctors, friend’s mother, people you run into or teachers. What about running into an adult friend and having a long chat without interrupting; “Not now Lisa, mommy is talking to Katy.”

Watch an infomercial: We are not talking about an infomercial you are watching because you are up in the middle of the night stuck with a wailing kid. We are talking about an infomercial of something that you don’t even have an interested in or something you are pretending you don’t want.

Finish a sentence that you don’t want to repeat: At times, when we are trying to talk we seem to be loud that we can even hear our own voice. Our motive is to say something and get an actual answer.

Once You Become a Mom, You Will Never Do These Things

Have something nice: It becomes impossible to have anything nice, so cliché yet so true. Your stainless steel fridges are supposed to be clean and to have a modern look all over a sudden are covered with fingertips and scratches. It even gets worse, your favorite lamp or glasses gets broken.

Change your mind: People change their minds all the times but trying to change your mind in front of your kid can be impossible. What follows is a lot of questions that makes you feel like you are in a trial.

Have a sick day: We mean, a real sick day not a day off or a nap. A real sick day where you stay in your pjs, do everything just for yourself, whine, discover a show you didn’t know existed and sleep.

Well, you may want to keep this as the starting point of parenthood of your bucket list.

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