14 of Our Best Real Simple Recipes Ever: Voted By You

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There is nothing as exciting as having a home cooked meal. You get to try out different ingredients and get creative in the kitchen. We have put together 14 simple recipes that our readers fell in love with. We’ve rounded up our most-popular main dishes, sides and salads — here’s what you want to eat for dinner right now.

Old Fashion Homemade Fudge (NO CHEATING)

fudgeI can’t tell you how many times I’ve tried to make old fashion homemade fudge and it always ended up as a syrupy sloppy mess (we call this “hot fudge” lol.) It’s so disappointing because I really love old fashion homemade fudge, so I finally got my grandmother to break down and tell me how she does it. I am talking about the hard old fashion homemade fudge that melts in your mouth and makes your eyes roll in the back of your head; That fudge. So here it is, the recipe and the secret.

Mini Egg Muffins: South Beach Diet


While you may not be a huge breakfast eater, you have to be especially if you are trying to lose those extra pounds . Taking breakfast makes sure you’re not hungry throughout the day. (For more on the Mini Egg Muffins: South Beach Diet, here is the recipe).

Stuffed Cube Steak

This recipe involves pounding cube steaks to get them as flat and thin as possible, then spreading each of them with a layer of stuffing and rolling them up just the same way you roll a tortilla. Then wrap each with the magic ingredient, bacon, and secured them with toothpicks. Get more of this recipe.

Ginger Cookies Recipe

ginger cookies

This is a dairy-free recipe (a must in my house due to a dairy allergy) for Ginger Cookies.  I love these cookies because they come out soft and chewy, rather than crispy like gingerbread.  These are super fragrant cookies that will make your house smell like Christmas! Get the recipe.

Mini Sausage Wreath & Other Kid Friendly Holiday Recipes


Want to learn to make a Mini Sausage Wreath & other kid friendly holiday recipes? Here’s your chance. Since these recipes are so simple, your kids can even lend a hand, and that makes for memories more precious than anything you could serve-up.  So grab the little ones in your life and get cooking! ( Get the recipes)

Pineapple Upside Down Cake

upside down pineapple cake

If you have a sweet tooth, well, pineapple upside down cake is the right cake for you. It is so easy to make and delicious. ( Learn how to make pineapple upside down cake).

Homemade Pancakes


One of the most loved breakfast foods is often taken for granted. So many people reach for the frozen or boxed versions instead of whipping up a fresh batch of pancakes in the morning. Well, let’s just jump right in and learn how to make homemade pancakes, shall we? (Get the recipe).

Deep Fried Oreos Recipe

deep fried oreos

If you have never had these, you sure are in for a treat. They are not healthy, they are not low-fat, but they sure are yummy. Here’s how I make them

Baked Pineapple Recipe

baked pineapple

Tonight I made a ham which is an excellent accompaniment to my Baked Pineapple and I decided I would share my recipe. It’s very easy to  make and the kids love it!( Here is the Recipe).

How to Make Pasta Salad Easy

pasta salad

One of our favorites to try out is a #Yummy Homemade Pasta Salad than can be traditional side and even a main course. Here’s how to make pasta salad, easy and delicious. ( Get the Recipe).

50+ Leftover Turkey Recipes


We’ve all been there. It’s the day after Thanksgiving and you have no clue what to do with all that leftover Turkey. It would be such a waste to throw it out and it so good! That’s why we’ve found the 50+ Leftover Turkey Recipes to help you savor every last morsel of that delicious bird. Check Out all the 50+ Leftover Turkey Recipes.

Triple Chocolate Espresso Cheesecake Swirl Brownie Bites


These Triple Chocolate Espresso Cheesecake Brownie Bites combine everything I love: Chocolate (times 3), Espresso, Cheesecakes and Brownies. It’s the quartet of kitchen sins, and you don’t want to be without them – ever. Find this amazing recipe Here.

Pizza Pasta Casserole

pizza pasta

This Pizza Pasta Casserole is a favorite in our house, and why wouldn’t it be, everyone here loves pizza and pasta. The combination of the ingredients is amazing, and there’s so many ways you can adjust this (adding new meats, cheeses, different sauces etc.) to your liking.(Get this recipe).

Sinful Cake Recipe

sinful cake

There is something a sinful cake. A moist firm double layer chocolate cake with a hint of rum, filled with whipped cream and caramel ice cream topping …mmm, sinfully delicious! ( Get this Recipe).

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    These are some very nice recipes! I want to make the Pizza Pasta Cassarole and a new type of Chicken Salad! It sounds like a lot of fun to try out some of these different recipes!

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