STM Drifter Backpack Review: Perfect Size!

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Have you seen the STM Drifter Knapsack? For a family like ours that LOVES to go camping, this knapsack is wonderful, but it is also useful as a commuter bag since I have to travel across town to go to work. At STP, their description of the Drifter is that it’s a lot like wearing your favorite pair of cargo pants. Not only are they easy to wear, but there are pockets everywhere you need them. No, typically I don’t wear cargo pants, but I can definitely understand the level of casual organization that is offered with this knapsack.

STM Drifter Backpack 1

One thing is for sure, the Drifter makes transitioning between commuters to travel pack a breeze. The staff at STM admits that they receive their inspiration for this product after becoming tired of having to wrap their electronics like laptops in bubble-wrap so they could tuck them into their packs for hiking. This bag is a definite crossover between style and the everyday utility is what jumps out most about this bag.

STM Drifter Backpack

For commuters there are many pockets to help you get organized. I like to keep my keys, snacks, and cell phone in there, although I could fit a ton more. The laptop’s sleeved area also includes a tablet sleeve. Both of them are lined in fleece and make for a perfect protective fit. When you open the bag, there is a mesh pocket that is see-thru. It flips down when the bag is opened. Inside the bag there is one larger sleeve and two smaller sleeves, which come in very handy, especially for outdoor events such as camping or hiking. These pockets are perfect for maps, and multi-functioning tools.

STM Drifter Backpack 2With the Drifter there are definitely two major pluses: The exterior material is incredibly durable. I have been using this model in the back-country for camping and in my everyday commute to work and I have not noticed one single tear or abrasion in the fabric. The other major plus is that it comes with a rain cover. This is a huge win for anyone who has to venture into the outdoor elements for something as simple as an office commute or a camping excursion.

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