Planning to Have a Baby? 10 Annoying Things about Kids

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Are you thinking about having a baby? Well, great for you! Just know that you can’t compare having a pet to having a kid. If you are one of those folks who think getting a puppy will prepare you for the demands of raising a child, think again because the task is much harder. There are things that about children that pets can’t prepare for, for instance, how freakishly annoying they can be. Check out 10 most annoying things about kids that you should expect once you are a parent. If you think, you can get through these annoying things about kids day in day out, welcome to parenting.

Kids are always there: When you are taking a nap, paying your bills or want some time alone, they are always there creeping in the middle of the night , staring at you and destroying your ability to sleep at early hours in the morning. They will follow you when you are cleaning, feeding your pets, clutching your clothing and vacuuming the carpet. When it comes to privacy, it’s not an important thing to kids.

Kids never stop asking questions: They will ask how old you are and want to know why. When you are done explaining it’s because you were born in 1978, they want to know why. When you explain it’s because that’s when your parents had you, they want to know why. They want to know why the grass is green, the sun is not blue, why the TV is on, why they have to eat vegetables, why they bodies have hair on the outside of the skin and not inside and they are always asking why. Kids will never be satisfied with your answers and they never stop asking questions.

Sticking out tongue

Kids are sticky: Children are always sticky even after following bath or shower.

Kids don’t listen: They don’t listen when you tell them to pick up their toys or it’s time to go to bed. They don’t listen even when they insist they are. Listening and children don’t mix.

Kids are loud: They shout, wail, screech and shriek at all time and for no reason. When you tell them to stop, they just don’t listen.

Kids are always Whining: They will whine when they want to do something and they don’t want to do something. It’s as if their little voices are not capable of saying anything without saying it in a tiny whiny tone.

Kids are filthy: It doesn’t matter if its body fluid, grass, food or dirt, it’s always all over them. This means it will be all over the furniture, carpet, walls and you. The worst part, no amount of magic eraser or detergent can make the stains to go away.


Kids are perpetually covered in snot: I still can’t figure it out why they don’t feel it running down their mugs or if they publicly ignore the feeling of the snot plastered across their face, but honestly, it’s everywhere. They contribute a lot in keeping the tissue industry in business.

Kids are the kings and queens of inconsistency: Today they like rice, the next they don’t. They say they want to wear white pajamas but the second you get them out, they scream and want black ones. They like veggies , they hate veggies.

Kids are like drunk fraternity members: They spill dirt, knock everything down, stumble around and slur their words. They will remove their pants in the living room and fall asleep in the store.

If this sounds like your cup of tea or doesn’t, there are more things you need to know. Despite their annoying tendencies, as parents we can’t change a thing. Parenting is just amazing and these little things they do that annoy us contribute a lot to our happiness. Kids grow up and soon they will get married and leave you alone. So, why not enjoy the screaming, laughter and cleaning up while it lasts. The truth is, annoying or not kids are amazing and incredible and that’s the only things you need to consider before having one.

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