OurPact App: The Ultimate Mobile Guidance For Your Family

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ourpact app

Is your kid a lover of smartphones? Do you struggle to get your phone back once they get hold of it? Are you worried what your kids browse on the net? Nowadays, there are different types of Smartphones being introduced in the market and it’s hard to keep your kids off from them once you purchase one. If you are fighting over your phone with your kids or want to get one for them, you can solve this issue using the OurPact app.

What is OurPact app? This tool has been designed for parents to harness the power of their child’s mobile device to their advantage. This app allows parents and children to set agreements and implement responsible habits into their daily routine. Our Pact gives parents and children the opportunity to use the world of mobile technology to strengthen their relationships through communication and compromise.

ourpact app for kids

You don’t need to struggle with your child’s device use any longer. Even if you want to discipline them in a different way, you can achieve this using OurPact app. Thanks to OurPact app, parental monitoring and guidance has become easier for families and this app has greatly assisted keeping both the parents and kids safe as well as managing families efficiently.

Since I started to use this app, my family wellbeing has greatly improved. My sister and cousin actually started using this app a few days ago and they are loving it as well. The internet is a good thing but it can also be dangerous to kids. As a parent, you want to be sure you know what your children are up to when they are on the phone. This has really helped me, because I am now able to keep an eye on my son’s phone usage. OurPact app has effectively enabled me to encourage and eliminate internet when necessary. This app also allows parents and children to work together to create balanced schedules that fit each family member’s unique routine.  With this app, you can block use of the device with just a touch , anywhere and anytime and at the same time  it encourages you to work with your child to set appropriate homework times, dinner times and bedtimes to mention but a few.

OurPact App

If you want to have direct involvement in your child’s mobile habits to ensure that technology fosters their development and growth, you need OurPact app. When you set standards and limits for your children, you are helping them learn and grow.   OurPact allows you to help your child in order to ensure they meet those limits and standards.

To learn more about more about this awesome 5 Star app, check out OurPact in the App Store. You can also check them out on Facebook and Twitter.

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