Hilarious Valentine’s Day Quotes

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I know Valentine’s Day is near and we are all looking for amazing messages to send to our special one. Well, I have gathered some amazing and hilarious quotes from around the internet that you can send to your loved ones. Valentine’s Day is for not only engaged or married people, it’s also a day for single ones. You don’t need to send or receive roses or chocolates from a love interest, you can do the same to your close friend, brother, sister, children, parents or even yourself.

Check out these funny and hilarious Valentine’s Day quotes:

funny valentine 11

funny valentine 3

funny valentine 9

funny valentine 10

funny valentine 8


funny valentine 12

funny valentine six

funny-valentine- five


funny-valentines- 2

vaelntine 20

valentine 4

valentine 13

valentine 14

valentine 17

valentine 18

valentine 19

valentine fifteen


valentine 21

valentine sixteen

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