Easy Guide to Cleaning Blinds

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One of the main reasons why blinds have now well and truly breached the curtains industry is because of the immense durability and maintenance benefits that accompany them. Curtains still exist and look grand in a lot of properties, but other homeowners just know that blinds provide the chance to more or less eliminate housework and make our lives that much easier.
How to Clean Blinds
Despite the above, one should not be under the impression that blinds don’t require any maintenance whatsoever. Manufacturers may have made some sterling advancements in the industry, but we still haven’t reached a stage yet where we’ve experienced an auto-clean function. This part is still left to you, even though it’s on a much smaller scale than it would be with a set of curtains.

The good part is that cleaning really is simple when it comes to these blinds. For the typical horizontal set, all it takes is a duster and a vacuum. Making sure that you clean across the blinds, rather than up-and-down, minimizes the risk of the treatment becoming damaged while it should also make the whole process that much quicker.

In terms of fabric blinds, one shouldn’t be under the impression that these are just like curtains and very difficult to tackle. They rarely have to be shoved through the washing machine and instead, just take a rubber sponge and gently wipe the material. Making sure that this sponge is completely dry is the main thing to keep in mind.

When it comes to wood blinds, a few more precautions need to be taken. Regardless of whether the blinds are natural or faux (although in the case of the former, be extremely careful for obvious reasons), try and take a damp cloth and gently clean them. With these types of blinds it’s rarely advisable to take them down, simply because they are harder to install in the first place and more damage can occur if the wood slats are being “clanged” around.

Best Way to Clean BlindsYou have to do things a bit differently when it comes to metal and vinyl blinds. Here the blinds ought to be taken down, as they are generally not strong enough to withstand the pressure of cleaning while still installed in their original position. It’s here where a damp brush is needed to wash them horizontally, before they are allowed to dry by standing upright. The nature of these materials mean that water spots form very easily, so ensure that no moisture is left on them after the drying process.

While this might seem like a long list of instructions, it’s worth mentioning that the steps themselves are very simple – they just vary depending on the set of blinds you purchase.  And no matter what,  blinds are still significantly easier to maintain than curtains and unlike that alternative, it’s rare that you’ll have to turn to the washing machine and iron to reinstate them back to their former glory.

Do you have any tips on how to maintain your blinds or window treatments?  Love to hear in the comments below!

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