Crio Bru Reviews, Using Bodum Chambord French Press

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These days, one of my biggest resolutions was to avoid sugar. But when it comes to satisfying an intense craving for chocolate, staving off sugar can be difficult! That is why I was beyond thrilled to discover Crio Brü. This brewed drink is comprosed of 100% roasted cacao a.k.a. cocoa beans. In other words CHOCOLATE. Yes, friends I have discovered a chocolate drink that is brewed the same way that coffee is. There is nothing else added to the beans and you are the one who is in complete control of what you add to the drink. You can use things like cream, rice milk, or stevia if you are like me and want to abstain from sugar.



So how do you brew a chocolate drink?

I received two types of their products that included: Bodum Chambord French Press and Crio Bru brewed cocoa and a bag of Crio Beans (chocolate covered cocoa benas) so I could give it a try. For me, I decided to make my Crio Brü in the Bodum French Press, however you can also make it easily in a standard coffee maker. I used just ½ cup of beans in the full on French Press. It is recommended that you use just two even tablespoons for each of your Crio Brü cups. That is 4.25 ounces, which is a little over a half a cup. I followed the directions for brewing carefully and the end result was a piping hot drink that resembled a medium roast coffee.


Now, I bet you want to know how it tastes, right?

To be fair, while the Crio Brü did taste similar to a hot chocolate, it was thin like it was made with too much water and no sweetener at all. At first, you think it is going to be just like hot chocolate, so your senses are a bit shocked the first time. However, after I added in some rice milk and stevia, I found it to be very satisfying. I loved sipping on it while I read the newspaper. It also reheats very well in the microwave, it gets too cold for you. Typically, the same can’t be said for coffee – on a reheat it does not taste very well so finding that the Crio Brü does is very refreshing.


To me the taste is not only rich it is sophisticated. It is somewhat similar to the taste of a mocha latte, minus all the bitterness you get from the coffee. I have played around with the Crio Brü a little bit and I like to add in some delicious coconut milk (unsweetened of course)! You could also use almond milk, half & half, or even regular milk, although you do run the risk of diminishing the healthy factors that accompany the Crio Brü.

Another way that I tried Crio Brü was ice cold. I did notice a few globs that formed on the top, but that is a natural portion of the bean reacting to the cold. It is such a small amount and here is a perk: Crio Brü is considered to be fat free! If you like iced coffee, this could be the same wonderful type of drink. If you still want to enjoy your regular coffee beans, you could mix the Crio Brü with it to give you a healthier option instead of adding things like syrups to your coffee.

crio bruSo how about the health benefits of chocolate?

The ORAC score for Crio Brü is very high. It is almost the same as a cup of raspberries. The ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) score is an analysis via test tube that is used to measure the levels of antioxidants for foods and other types of chemical substances. Crio Brü is also free of caffeine.

According to Crio Brü their drink is packed with so many natural antioxidants and minerals that are heart-healthy in comparison to other market competitors. They also state that their drink will act similar to an appetite suppressant and it offers a nice boost of energy. The Cocoa beans also contain theobromine, which is a natural stimulant often considered as a relative to caffeine. But unlike caffeine, the theobromine offers reasonable increased energy levels without that feeling of being jittery or nervous.


There is a great amount of research that is ongoing to suggest chocolate will offer health benefits such as: decreasing blood pressure, improvements to the flow of blood throughout the body, and a diminished risk of blood clots. The Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee has observed and said there is a link between good heart health and dark chocolate.

No matter what your reasoning is for seeking out a chocolate drink that is healthier and better for you, I highly recommend that you give Crio Brü a try. We loved doing our Crio Bru reviews and I’m planning on ordering more for me and the kids!  Checkout the options for Crio Bru and see which will be your new favorite!

Have you tried Crio Bru before?  Got some great recipes to share?

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