Kohler Touchless Toilet Seat – Reviews

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If there is one thing that just about everyone will agree on, it is that a toilet can be pretty gross – especially public toilets! Sometimes to a point that you don’t want to get near the flushing mechanism and you are using your foot to flush it! Finally, a manufacturer has come forward who understands this pain – Kohler. They have created a solution with the new electromagnetic activated touchless toilet kits.

Kohler Touchless Flush Kits

It’s the next generation of toilets! Just hold your hand above the commode and you can achieve the perfect flush! The best part is that your hand never has to actually come in contact with the toilet again! The sensor is built right into many of the company’s new toilets. They can even be purchased as a standalone kit for just $99! That way you can retro-fit your current bowl. It’s a neat trick that has a good deal of technology behind it.

Kohler Touchless Toilet Seat

Now, today everyone knows that a self-flushing toilet isn’t something that is new per se, however those commercial models are using a laser beam based technology that makes the determination when you’re done when the beam is broken after you stand up. You have to be careful with these models because shifting your positioning can cause it to flush prematurely. Instead of relying on a laser beam, Kohler has selected a technology that uses emerging sensing. It goes on the top of the toilet and it projects an electromagnetic field that is not only reliable, it is extremely accurate. The end result is a system that is precise that will flush with the wave of your hand.

Kohler Touchless Toilet Seat 2

We were renovating our bathrooms and wanted to give them a try. It was a lot easier than we thought to setup. And we aren’t the most handy of people in this house either!  Plus it was a lot of fun to see the various contractors all having fun testing the touchless toilet sensor and see if it worked.

Now if someone could come up with the same technology for lifting the seat, it would be perfect!

What do you think of this product and how would it help in your family? Let us know in the comments below.

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