Get Organized with the Boot Butler Giveaway

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It’s boot season and I love it! I have boots in all kinds of styles and colors taking up tons of space in my closet. It’s hard to store them in a place that will keep them from being damaged and keep them in plain sight. When I ran out of room on my shelf I started to keep them on the floor but every time I would grab a  pair to wear I noticed, they were getting squished. So I was need of a change and then I heard about the Boot Butler.

Boot Butler

Boot Butler is the perfect solution to both of my problems. It allows me to store my boots off of the floor and keeps them in the shape they need to be. Whenever I am looking through my boots for the perfect pair to wear I can easily see all of them because the Boot Butler is the perfect display.


The Boot Butler let’s you organize your boots in 1/2 the space so now I can add more boots to my collection with all of the free space I have left over. My favorite part about this organizing system is that it gently cradles my boots, preventing creases and extending their life.

It was super easy to assemble and if the simple instructions aren’t enough to help you get your Boot Butler set up, you can watch a video on their site to really simplify things.


It really is simple, just snap a few parts together like it shows in the picture and you are ready to hang your boots. It took me 5 minutes to set up mine, which holds 3 pairs.

One of our luckiest readers is going to get their own Boot Butler that holds 5 pairs of boots, by entering the giveaway below.


  1. robyn donnelly says

    It’s a great idea and keeps the boots in better condition. Don’t have to worry about boots getting scuffed and such.

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