Get Beautiful Eyelashes With RapidLash

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I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central for RapidLash. I received a promotional item as a thank you for participating.





I have always been curious about all of the products on the market claiming to enhance the appearance of your eyelashes and eyebrows. The idea of not having to put tons of makeup on everyday to achieve the look I desire was appealing and I am excited that I had the opportunity to try out Rapid Lash. 


Over the years I have noticed my eyelashes aren’t as thick as they use to be and my eyebrows are kind of dull. While applying Rapid Lash I dreamed of the possibilities and hoped it really works as described.

Here is some information about Rapid Lash that I received from their site:

RapidLash® Eyelash and Eyebrow Enhancing Serum is an award-winning formula with a success story of over 3 million units sold worldwide! RapidLash® is ophthalmologist-tested and clinically proven to be safe and effective to cosmetically boost the look of your lashes!

The key to unlocking your lashes’ potential can be found in the unique RapidLash® formula. Our innovative HEXATEIN® 1 COMPLEX, consisting of six highly effective ingredients, is specifically designed to condition, moisturize and fortify to enhance overall appearance of more beautiful lashes and brows.


A picture just doesn’t do this product justice but when I look in the mirror I am very pleased with the results. 

Without applying any mascara to my lashes, I feel like they stand out more. They are much fuller and longer, just as I had hoped for when I began trying out RapidLash. My eyebrows don’t require a pencil to fill in the bare spots anymore. They look healthier and full and once again I am thrilled with my results! I don’t have to apply tons of makeup to my face every morning anymore. No more faking the look with gobs of mascara and brow pencil, now I can feel confident with my appearance with very little effort.

RapidLash is sold at the following in-store and online retailers:

In-Store Locations: CVS, ULTA, Bed Bath & Beyond, Meijer, Fred Meyer, and Kohl’s.


Check out all of the before and afters on their site and achieve the results you have always wanted.


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