Taking Advantage of Unemployment to Find Your Dream Job

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Go back to schoolCalling unemployment an opportunity may sound strange, particularly when you are worried about keeping the lights and taking care of the family. However, unemployment can force you to make a change that you’ve dreamed about but never had the courage to do. Instead of only focusing on the negative aspects of being unemployed (and there are many), try looking at your unemployment as a stepping stone to something better.

First, make sure you are receiving all the unemployment benefits available to you if needed. This will help relieve financial pressures and keep you from plunging into debt or taking out dangerous short-term loans.

Best Father's Day GiftsHere are a few things you can do to take advantage of the free time you may have:

Work on your resume:

Take time to revise your resume. If you haven’t looked at it in several years, now is a good time to dust it off and update it. Add more recent accomplishments and start tailoring the information to the job you want. Use active words and really think about your skill level. If you are having a difficult time making your resume really stand out, consider getting help from an employment services specialist.

Going Back to SchoolConsider going back to school:

You’re never too old to keep learning. Perhaps, going back to school to brush up on technical skills or to gain more depth in your field would help you qualify for that job you really want. You can take night classes or even sign up for online courses. You can use these classes on your resume as new skills and qualifications. Pursuing further education is a great way to increase your skill base and technical know-how.


You’ve got a bit of free time, take a little time to read up on industry news or the career you really want. If you are considering a major shift in direction, do some serious research to determine whether the lifestyle that goes with the career change (specifically money, travel and work load) are something you are willing and able to commit to.


Unemployment, particularly if it’s lengthy, will make it much easier for you to step back and look at your lifestyle. Are you focusing on things that aren’t important? Have you been wasting time pursuing things that don’t really matter to you? Unemployment provides a great way to shift directions. If you are unemployed for some time, you may choose to sell some belongings, this is a great way to pare down on the clutter in your home and rid yourself of useless distractions.

You may find that you enjoy having a little more free time to spend with your family or on yourself, so consider applying for a job that has a more flexible schedule.

If you are unemployed, chances are really good that you are feeling overwhelmed, stressed. Concerned, fearful and worried. These are all normal, acceptable and sometimes necessary emotions. The trick isn’t fighting off the negative feelings, because they will come. The trick is turning the negative emotions and worry into something positive. You will have good days and you may have some very bad days, but if you work to make unemployment useful, you may find that you end up in a much better place than where you started.

It’s often said that when one door closes another one opens. Sometimes, you have to open that door by taking steps to create the right kind of change in your life.

So, share with us how you just might take a step towards your new beginning this season?  Share in the comments down below – We can’t wait to hear!

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