Quick Living Room Makeover

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When I moved to my new home a little over a year ago I was so excited to decorate it. I had all of the furniture picked out and the layout in my mind before I even officially owned the home. On moving day when it was time to decided where to place my furniture, it didn’t work out quite like the way I had in mind.


The furniture was too big for certain spaces and too small for others. Nothing was like it was in my mind and everything was eventually placed in a different location other than the original layout I had in mind. So over time I had moved furniture into places that I was happy with even though it wasn’t a part of my plan. I like the new layout but felt like it was missing a few pieces to really give it that comfy home look I was going for. So I headed to Wayfair for the finishing touches to my living room and now it really feels like a home.


I added three Modern Living Cotton Wooded Beaded Pillows from Wayfair.com that cost under $45 for the set of three. They really added a nice pop of color to my sofa and brought out the colors in my area rug and surrounding decor. I love the beading and the 3d effect of the design really makes the colors pop! I also got a Commonwealth Home Fashions Ottoman for just $29.99, what a deal! To finish off the look I got a Textiles Plus Inc. Mink Greek Key Throw in Brown for just $16.99. This is the softest throw I have ever felt and snuggling up on the couch with my new pillow and throw is the my favorite part of any day.

wayfair pillowpouf throw

For under $100 including shipping I was able to upgrade my living room from plain to cozy in no time. I love the colors of each piece I received and the selection at Wayfair was amazing. There were so many items to choose from in every category I had a ton of fun trying to find pillows, poufs, and throws in my living space.

While shopping at Wayfair I have found a few new pieces I want to add to my living room.


I love this traditional arm chair by Skyline Furniture. It looks super comfy and I am sure it will be a great addition to my living space.

WAyfair Rug


Adding a new area rug can change the entire look of a space and with the price of this Free Flow Geometric Area Rug anyone can afford an upgrade.



For the finishing touch in my living room I love the look of the Commonwealth Home Fashions Hologram Grommet Curtain Panels. They are a great background for my colorful pillows and are the perfect color to help block out unwanted light and add privacy.


I love the new look of my living room and all it took was adding a few pillows, a pouf, and a throw. For under $100 I was able to upgrade my look and make my living room the comfy cozy room I have always wanted. You can achieve this look and save even more because Wayfair is offering our readers a discount of 15% off ANY Pillow, Pouf or Throw that will run from November 20 through November 24th.

  The code is: WFPTP15 

Be sure to take advantage of this great deal by visiting Wayfair today and start browsing their collection of wonderful things for the home.


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