Get the Perfect Shave with Panasonic

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My husband has been growing a beard for quite some time now. It has been long enough that I have started to forget what his face actually looks like underneath all of that hair. I knew it was going to take a powerful razor with quite a battery to be able to take on this task.



The Panasonic Shaver was exactly the right tool for the job. The (ESRT77S) lasts for up to 54 minutes on a full charge and with a beard like this we are truly putting it to the test, and seeing if it can get the job done.


This versatile razor allows you to remove unwanted hair and tame what hair you would like to keep. You can shape a goatee to perfection with the adjustable slide-up trimmer and get a clean shave around the rest of your face. The 5 setting comb attachment can be adjusted from 1mm to 7mm for a personalized look.

Since this razor is a wet/dry razor you can use it with most shaving creams, gel or foams. My husband has very sensitive skin and usually breaks out from shaving, so he needs that extra moisture that shaving cream can provide. He also benefits from the pivoting head because the flexibility allows the head to follow the contours of the chin and neck. The high quality stainless steel construction offers a hypo-allergenic shaving experience that ensures cleaner cuts.


Here are a few more reasons that this razor stands out above the rest: You can do a quick charge of five minutes for a single shave but if you have more time a one hour charge will completely charge this razor. It is backed with a 2 year limited warranty so you can purchase with confidence.  Find out more information or purchase this product from Panasonic by clicking here.  


I think he looks so much better when I can actually see his face! I am so excited we have this great razor so he can keep up with this look and avoid any unpleasant breakouts that shaving use to cause before we had this wet/dry razor.

This would make a great holiday gift this season for any man on your list!


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